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Time to Reconnect

A Note from our CEO Jared Wade

It’s been a while since A1 Office has been in touch, and now is an ideal time to reach out and reconnect, after all real connection is the most important thing when the only constant is change. 

As I shared in my post, Not Business As Usual, we are putting an emphasis on our team communication and staying connected online during this isolated time. 

Uncertain times bring cause to reflect, innovate and do better. A continuous effort to optimise and evolve is what keeps me inspired, particularly in challenging situations.

Given A1 Office is celebrating its 30th anniversary year, we’re no stranger to changing business times. In fact A1 Office started from the troubled financial times of the early 1990s. It sprung to attend a need for offices then, and now we’ve moved into sustainability design and transforming workspaces for an everlasting impact (read more on this here). More recently, we have made ergonomic home office packages, and our furniture department is consistently evolving to serve market needs.  Our most recent piece is an innovative, German designed ‘workspace room’ in a chair. The WOOOM chair is equipped with chargers and a massage function for when both you and your devices need some recharging – the WOOOM chair is quite impressive.

Drawing from the experiences of recent times; from our people, our clients and our friends, we are all adapting and gaining some valuable knowledge that we plan on using for innovation and sharing. One thing is certain, I know within every adversity lies an equal or greater benefit.

So what is the benefit here?

I see kindness and connection between people, international cooperation and family time, a re-prioritisation of values and inspiring conversations.

Within our business I’ve seen new procedures and the introduction of video for (previously) onsite tasks. I see our people working together by any means to get work done, and the support within our team has been remarkable.

I’m quite excited by the future and I look forward to technology helping us design and construct empowering workspaces. I also look forward to helping many employees and businesses have a healthy workspace, and therefore life.

I know our shadowing and company cultural assessments give a leading edge in the marketplace. We’ve had many clients thrilled with this service, as they understand it’s what they don’t yet know that’s holding them back, not what they know. It’s an invisible force that’s evident in how businesses and people operate and relate, and it often takes an outsider to view, document and address this.

One of the most important revelations from our unique approach has been discovering opportunity. Many companies believe they are productive because they are achieving a set budget or goal, but our processes uncover untapped potential that impresses clients and is the foundation for our long term relationships with many of you. Seizing this opportunity is what we enjoy doing.

I look forward to helping those who want to excel, those who know that empowering potential is what will take you to the next level, and I’m excited by the internal team we have to deliver this in the years to come.

Thank you for your support of A1 Office to date and into the future, it is very appreciated.

Take care of yourself and others,

Jared Wade 

A1 Office

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