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Plants + Productivity = Workspaces that Grow Business

When thinking about reworking your workplace, it’s important to consider design and aesthetics as well as practicalities and boosting productivity in your staff. At A1 Office we are leading the way in sustainable interior design, and wherever possible we aim to include natural elements into our workspaces. Being surrounded by natural elements like wood, stone and plants is good for human health and wellbeing. The most simple form of ensuring you have nature nearby is having indoor plants around your office. There are many reasons why bringing plants into the workplace is highly beneficial:

  • More Plants, More Productivity

It’s been proven time and time again that having plants and greenery improves productivity in office workers. In 2014, one of the first major studies into the long-term effects of indoor office plants found that staff increased productivity by a whopping 15 per cent. Including some greenery into your office and working environment, will not only boost positivity, but also productivity. 

  • Natural Stress Relievers 

Evolutionarily, humans are happier when outdoors and in nature. It’s where our distant ancestors lived and in modern terms, it’s also more commonly where we go for rest and recreation. Plants and greenery make us feel calm, relaxed, and far less stressed. Bringing some greenery into an otherwise urban and indoor office environment (perhaps without much access to natural light) will leave staff feeling relaxed and less stressed.

  • Healthy Plants = Healthy People

We all know that trees are able to suck in carbon dioxide and pump out oxygen back into nature; in enclosed office spaces, your desk peace lily will be doing that for you too. Studies have been conducted by places ranging from the University of Technology Sydney, to NASA, and have all found that including plants in your office design improves air quality. This directly correlates to healthier staff who need fewer sick days and time off. Indoor plants boost mental health, and they also improve physical health. 

  • Green is the New Black

There’s nothing more natural and Earth-friendly than a whole bunch of plants. When potential clients or workers enter a space that’s full of greenery, they’ll also get all the benefits of nature and know that you value nature, and care for their health and wellbeing of those in the environment. This is especially helpful if your office has just taken a move to be more eco-conscious. Even better when your interiors are sustainable and the whole space feels natural, refreshing and life-supportive. 

More and more, businesses are moving towards creating sustainable workplaces. A1 Office are helping many businesses to help achieve this goal. If you’re looking to incorporate sustainability, and beautiful, effective office design, get in touch today or sign up to our newsletter to receive more information about workspace news and design. 

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