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How to Create a Healthy Workspace Post COVID-19

Returning to work is slowly occurring for many businesses, and the light at the end of the self isolation tunnel is finally in sight. However this doesn’t mean everything can go straight back to the way it was in office workspaces prior to COVID-19.

What is traditionally a fairly close quarters environment for most workers is going to need to be adjusted in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the foreseeable future. As leading industry professionals in helping clients overcome challenges and seize opportunities in creating functional and beautiful workspaces, we would like to share our tips to create a healthy and COVID-19 safe workspace for all employers and employees.

  • Encourage Good Hygiene Practices

If anything was made clear during this pandemic, it is the importance of hand washing and good hygiene practices. Making sure office workers are continuing to practice these safe hygiene recommendations is going to be essential to the continued health of the wider community. Similar to when we suggested getting up and moving every hour when working from home, take it the next step further and encourage an hourly walk to the nearest hand washing or sanitising station in your office. 

  • Make Sure Mental Health is Prioritised

We’ve seen one of the biggest disruptions to the way we work in a very long time during this period. Between the fear and uncertainty of the future, and potentially taking on more daily responsibilities at home, the mental health and wellbeing of staff may have taken a beating. Considering that life as we knew it may be returning soon, the pressure of resetting and returning to work may feel overwhelming. As an employer, making sure your staff’s mental health needs are being met should be a priority, now so more than ever. Encourage regular check ins with staff and their managers, or introduce a COVID-19 counselling service if you have the resources. Making sure staff are happy and motivated to come back to work is going to be the key to a successful transition moving forward. 

  • Rebuild and Boost Workplace Morale

Making sure workplace morale is high is going to be essential for ongoing success as people return to work. Lots of things have changed for workers in the last couple of months, and understandably, staff may be experiencing concerns or uncertainty for the future of work as they begin to return. Making sure upper management is open and honest with their staff about the ongoing day to day practices of work life, encouraging successes and achievements, and presenting an overall positive and united front can help increase office morale, and positively reinforce returning to the office.

  • Keep Your Distance  

Although we can now have a few people over for dinner at home, or catch up for picnics in the park with friends, maintaining sensible social distancing measures in common areas is still incredibly important. This includes how we conduct ourselves in our office workspaces. Businesses will need to look at re-configuring work and common areas so desks and seating remain 1.5m apart. Some recommendations include installing partitions between desks, and adding floor markings and directional thoroughfares to manage in office foot traffic. To help businesses with this process, we are offering free workspace consultations before staff return, register your interest here. 

Also view the plexiglass partition we installed within 12 hours for Armadale Family Clinic, and if this sounds like something you need for your office space swiftly, contact us today

Coming back to work after COVID-19 was never going to be easy. After so much uncertainty over the last few months, it’s natural to expect some uncertainty to play a part in reentering the office workspace. However, by ensuring you have put in place good practices to maintain and encourage good worker health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally, we can ease the stress of returning to the office workspace. For more information on how you can rework your office space and boost employee health and wellbeing, get in touch with us today or subscribe to our newsletter.

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