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Top 5 best indoor plants for office environments

It’s no secret that bringing plants into the office is a surefire way to boost creativity, positivity, productivity, and employee health. At A1 Office one of our main aims when helping redesign your office space is to ensure employee health and wellbeing. So to further help you on your way to creating a beautiful, green, healthy office space, we’ve summarised some of our favourite indoor plants that will inject some life and colour into your workplace!

  • Peace Lily 

The peace lily is an iconic plant for indoor, low light environments. They have large lush leaves, and when in bloom, they’re known for their beautiful eye catching snow white flowers. Better yet, the peace lily cleans the air and due to its size, a collection of them would make for a great, natural way to separate spaces, or give additional privacy to an open floor plan office space. 

Picture of a indoor plant

one of best indoor plants

  • Snake plant 

The snake plant (also known as mother in law’s tongue) is incredibly easy to grow and famously low maintenance. Available in full size (capable of growing several feet tall) and dwarf species, snake plants are perfectly adaptable to whatever office and location. Snake plants are also one of the most recommended plants for improving air quality –  they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night.

Picture of a indoor plant on a table

Example of best indoor plants

  • English Ivy 

If you’re looking for a hardy, yet beautiful trailing plant that will elevate any space you put it in, look no further than English Ivy. The most common ivy, hedera helix, can tolerate most light and soil conditions (including low light and dry soil), but its ability to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like benzene and formaldehyde from the air is what really puts it on top for indoor office plants.

Picture of a plant

best indoor plants and wall

  • Chinese Evergreen 

The Chinese Evergreen plant comes in a variety of foliage patterns and colours, so it’s perfect for any office design. They can adapt to most room conditions, but prefer low or indirect sunlight, so an office space with enormous windows isn’t necessary for this plant to thrive. Even better, they’ve been shown to remove toxins from the air, making them an excellent addition to your office space.   

Picture Of Green Indoor Plants

Green indoor plants

  • Golden Pothos 

The Golden Pothos, also known as devil’s ivy, is the MVP of low maintenance plants. They can thrive in conditions almost no other indoor plant can survive in, including darkness and almost total lack of water. However, they still grow beautiful leaf filled vines, with yellowy-green marbling, and make for a beautiful addition to any space. So, if you’re looking for the perfect plant to survive regardless of the conditions, this is the one for you. 

Picture Of A Indoor Plant

best small indoor plants

While any of the above plants can bring a natural element to your workspace, there are many more although these are the easiest. It’s worth noting the biggest killer of indoor plants is over-watering, so be careful not to dote on your new office plant too much. For more information on workspace tips and design, subscribe to our newsletter

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