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Mental Health and the Workplace

We spend roughly a third of our lives working, so it’s understandable that our mental health can be greatly affected by our working life, whether that is for good or for bad. Mental health in the workplace is one of the greatest factors in workplace productivity. It also plays one of the largest factors in workplace attendance, and affects company culture and turnover. So while many employers and business owners may feel that employee mental health is none of their business, in actuality it should be one of their greatest concerns. 

At A1 Office, our main aim in transforming your workplace is ensuring we create a space that empowers employees potential, this requires an emphasis on staff wellness that positively reinforces good mental health practices. By ensuring there are workplace environments that allow staff to take time out and invest in their personal wellness at work, A1 Office is able to provide you with the healthiest workplace that promotes mental health and wellness, while still being functional, productive and beautiful.  

  • Emphasise Wellness

We all know that one thing that can exponentially help mental health is physical movement. With so many workers spending up to eight hours a day indoors, sitting at desks and looking at computers, it makes sense that office staff are not always as healthy as they could be – both physically and mentally. Ergonomic standing desks are one option to keep staff moving, as well as conducting stand up meetings. Introducing physical wellness programs in your business and giving staff the opportunity to get out in the sun and move their bodies will no doubt see an increase in good mental health and in office motivation. 

  • Prioritise Openness and a Judgement Free Environment

When talking about worker wellness in an office environment, all too often it’s just the physical health of staff that is discussed and emphasised. And while encouraging the occasional walk around the office to help with blood flow is great, it’s also important to make sure the workplace culture is one in which seeking help for mental health is encouraged and not stigmatised. By including mental health in any wellness talks or initiatives that your business offers their staff, you’ll produce a culture where workers feel that they are supported in every way. 

  • Encourage Breaks

Eating lunch at your desk is never a good idea. One of the most important acts of mental wellness while working in an office environment is taking a step away from the desk and taking your breaks. An easy way to encourage breaks and in turn encourage good worker mental health is to make sure your office space has plenty of beautiful and inspiring break out areas. Well equipped kitchens, comfortable sitting areas and capitalising on any windows and natural light you have access to will all help boost employee wellness and promote good mental health. Get in contact with us today to help you identify opportunities in your workplace to turn into beautiful, practical and empowering staff and breakout areas. 

  • Introduce Flexibility

Not everyone is destined for a 9-5. For some people, working a standard in-office 40 hour work week may be one of their biggest barriers to good mental health. This can cause mid or end of week burnouts, causing motivation and productivity to plummet, thus costing the business time and money. But most importantly, can potentially cause distress and further depletion of that employee’s mental health. As the nature of work is changing as the world evolves, letting staff know that your business is open to discussing flexible work arrangements will show that you care about their health and wellbeing, and are willing to come to the table to work out what is best practice for their mental health and personal needs. Many progressive businesses measure productivity in output over hours, and this attitude is often very appreciated by employees. 

A1 Office is all about encouraging and emphasising office wellness. We want to empower businesses and employees to achieve at their greatest potential. By creating a physical and cultural environment in which staff mental health is at the forefront of your business’s mind, the result will be a positive, motivated and empowered workforce that will help your company flourish and kick goals every day.

Get in contact with us today for tips, tricks, and advice on how you can create beautiful, functional spaces that empower and promote physical and mental wellness for your staff. View the recent workspaces we’ve transformed, or sign up to our newsletter for more office space advice. 

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