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Transformed Workspace Vs Office Fitout

Clients are often surprised when they’re informed there’s a vast difference between an office fitout and a transformed workspace, and given we service both needs, it’s important that clients are aware of the difference. 

The main difference is that a transformed workspace empowers the potential of those who inhabit it, whereas an office fitout is made to look (and sometimes function) better. Should you need simple colours and styling for your office (or perhaps some furniture or a colour palette) we can tend to this easily and efficiently. Although creating a transformed workspace is an entirely different process. 

A transformed workspace is a deliberate experience at every turn, it’s intuitive and once encountered it’s rarely forgotten. Other ways a transformed workspace is different from an office fitout include: 

  • Intelligent 

Knowledge is power, yet applied knowledge is power in action and this is the essence of a transformed workspace. We use extensive data to create an intuitive space to empower those who reside in them. The first step to creating your transformed workspace is our extensive shadowing and cultural research process. Well before the design process begins, we start to devise your new intelligent space through documentation and revision of data. This observation and data gathering of the unique processes and culture of your business provides incredible insight into how a space can empower potential. 

  • Alive

Much like the phrase, ‘everything speaks’ so too does a transformed workspace, because it represents and supports the internal business culture that operates within it. Transformed workspaces are the well-considered areas where culture and people can thrive, including the psychological and mental health of employees. Being a digital world, technology is always nearby, ensuring the needs of the business and its people are met seamlessly. 

  • Big thinking into small details 

In a transformed workspace there is no unwanted, useless or unknown area as every part of the space has been designed to be a deliberate experience. It is the big thinking that goes into the small details of a design that creates the x factor that’s difficult to explain yet immediately felt. A1 Office are experts in insightful design, such as the positive effect of natural elements in interiors, and the psychology around the direction staff are facing at work. Things you cannot imagine make all the difference, and some. As well as being aesthetically pleasing and functional, transformed workspaces go further to consider flow of foot traffic, break times, how staff interact and cultural considerations.

  • Aligned 

Transformed workspaces take into account business strategies, and aim to support business goals. Whatever and wherever your business takes you, A1 Office will always make sure your transformed workspace will empower you at every turn. This may mean ensuring internal structures are removable and can be transferred to a new location, or more break out areas are needed, or studying the break habits of staff to ensure they’re met more effectively.

  • Unique  

Because every business is different, with different staff and requirements, a transformed workspace is unique to your business culture, goals and ethos. Transformed workspaces are deliberate to that business, and no two are alike. Empowering potential requires understanding all facets of your business, then celebrating them in every way, and lets this be felt throughout the space. 

So while an office fitout is appropriate for some businesses, a transformed workspace is above and beyond new curtains and cushions. Clients who want to be leaders in the industry understand the power in the transformed workspace. They want to seize every opportunity and harness all the potential that lie in waiting within every business. It just takes an expert eye to observe, review and implement, and then you can enjoy the support, pleasure and heartbeat of your transformed workspace. For more insights into workspaces and culture, subscribe to our newsletter. 

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