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How to Inspire (or kill) Motivation in the Workplace

While many employers want motivated, inspired and productive staff, few are aware of the cultural and environmental impacts that support or challenge this task. There are things employers can do to inspire motivation; however, there is one outstanding truth that cannot be ignored: true motivation is internal, it’s alive within the person or it is not. Like a man pushing a cart uphill, external motivation is short lived unless it’s connected with internal motivation and desire.

As an employer you can light this motivational spark and foster it, or you can stifle and kill it. The quickest ways to stifle motivation is to have a culture that lacks clarity, gratitude and collaboration; a dysfunctional space that disempowers employees in capability and spirit. Add some toxic or negative culture in the mix and you have one incredibly unmotivated workplace! 

A1 Office prioritises creating spaces that are not only beautiful and functional, but are empowering environments in which staff feel supported and inspired. We’ve put together a list of our top tips on how to foster motivation in the office so your staff can flourish in a healthy and supportive workspace:  

  • Share the Vision 

The vision of your business and where it’s headed shouldn’t be kept to the elite few, rather every single staff member should know the general direction of where the bus they’re riding is headed. Without this, how can they support and be inspired by the vision?
Ensuring clarity of direction is known and celebrated by sharing the vision, will allow staff to buy into it and claim it as their own.

  • Meaningful Impact

Every motivated worker is aware of the effect their work has for the client, the team and the world. Sound far fetched? Any product or service gives value, and to ensure their work is meaningful, staff must know the value your business gives, the effect this has and how their small actions fit into the big picture. An easy way to do this is to share client testimonials with the team, celebrate all tokens of gratitude and make known the impact on those who receive your product or service. 

  • Personal Growth = Business Growth

It is in our very nature as humans to pursue growth, and creating a culture of growth will keep your staff motivated to work for that next stage in their personal development or career. An environment in which workers feel (or are) stagnant will dampen inspiration and motivation. By making sure growth is a key factor within your business culture personally or professionally, there will be the motivation for employees to strive for the next opportunity.

  • Happy Work Space, Happy Head Space

Making your office a pleasant working environment is one sure fire way to help boost motivation in your employees. Walking into a space that looks positive and creative will make your staff feel positive and creative. A transformed workspace is an intuitive and intelligent workplace that celebrates internal business culture throughout the physical space.  By providing deliberate experiences through transforming your workspace, not only will you create a beautiful environment, but one that is empowering, functional and thus motivational. If you’d like help creating a positive, functional and empowering work environment that will boost staff motivation, get in touch with us today. 

  • Who Cares 

Humans are hardwired for connection and there’s a lot of wisdom in the saying people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. A brilliant way to connect external motivational environments to internal drive is to simply let your staff know that you care about them. When people feel cared for, the universal law of reciprocity comes into play and they want to give back, and care for you and your business. Ensure that you ask after your staff, check in to see how they are going and offer help if you feel it would be appreciated. Show that you care and watch the kindness go round. 

By implementing a few small changes in the workplace and office culture, you can create an environment of external motivation that promotes their internal motivation to want to do well, and to want to grow and achieve great things. From creating a positive, growth minded culture, to making sure your physical space is a beautiful and creative one to work in, you’ll be well on your way to creating a functional, empowering and motivational environment. For more tips about workplace wellness, subscribe to our newsletter today. 

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