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Working from Home – How To Make Your Space Work for You

Now that we’re very well acquainted with our home workspace, no doubt everyone is aware of what they like, and what they struggle with about their space. Whether it be an uncomfortable office chair or lack of natural light, there are a few tips and tricks to make your home office space work for you. 

Our first suggestion is to view our Design Director Dana Moussaoui’s home office, and learn how she stays inspired and productive. As leaders in enhancing all forms of workspaces, we have plenty of tips for creating spaces that are beautiful, practical and functional, wherever your space currently resides such as:  

  1. Functionality can be Inspiring

Whether it’s your office desk or your bookcase, having furniture pieces that are just as beautiful as they are functional is an easy way to create an inspiring space. Think about your requirements and what is necessary for you to do your job. Now look at the furniture styles or items that inspire you (favourite books, plants or quotes) and ensure you fill your space with these. Finding things that are beautiful to look at, and meet all your needs will create an inspiring space that you love being in. Your home office should be just that – part home, part office. 

  1. Storage is Everything

There’s almost nothing worse in an office environment than a cluttered space, they say “messy desk, messy mind” for a reason. Investing in good storage options, whether that’s a bookshelf, a filing cabinet or floating wall shelves, will help you keep your space organised and clutter free. It also means that you’ll have everything you need within arms reach. No more sifting through loose pages on your desk for that one file you need. 

  1. Colour me In

Colour (or lack of) has an impact on the psychology of a worker, and if you have the time and opportunity to paint your office space, now is your chance. Picking out a colour that you love, and that inspires you will help make your workspace one that you enjoy to be in. Take a look at some colour palettes and find one that says “inspiration, innovation, motivation”. Neutral office beiges need not apply. 

  1. Comfortable Space, Comfortable Mind

Make sure your desk and chair setup are ergonomically aligned so you’re not heading to bed with body aches. Attaching an eye height monitor to your desk and ensuring your chair is supporting you in all the right places can make a world of difference to not just your work experience, but your physical health too! For help putting together your perfectly aligned ergonomic desk, get in touch with us and ask about our Ergonomic Home Office Packages.

  1. Bright Light makes for Bright Ideas

Always ensure that your home office has good and effective lighting. Ideally there would be a good source of natural light coming in (mimicking that coveted window desk in the office) but if that’s not possible, having good lighting sources around the space will make your office more inviting and motivating. Keeping your space well lit with beautiful lamps will not only boost productivity, but will also save your eyes from eye strain and headaches. 

Creating your own beautiful and functional home workspace is easy to do if you set aside the time to do it. By making a few small changes like painting the walls and bringing in some extra sources of light, you’ll have a space you’ll need to be dragged out of in no time. For more tips on creating dream workspaces, sign up for our newsletter

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