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How a Transformed Workplace Boosts your Bottom Line

Workspaces are expected to be functional areas where employees complete their required tasks in order to boost the bottom line of the business; but few recognise the other critical roles of an intelligent workspace. I have a functional space, you’re missing an exceptional opportunity to provide a deliberate experience to your staff and clients. As research is conducted on the ways our office spaces affect our productivity, one thing is becoming clear; people are a product of their environment and work better and are more productive in empowering, intelligent and beautiful spaces.

We have known this information for a long time and have built our business around sharing it with our clients. That’s why A1 Office are experts in creating deliberate and thoughtful workspace experiences that are distinctive to your brand and business needs. 

Researchers using an online tool called “Scenic or Not” have found that those who reside in more scenic environments, whether they be rural, suburban or urban, report being happier, healthier and overall improved wellbeing. To some extent, this research shows people are affected by their environment, and this is why we focus on employee wellbeing and empowerment when redesigning and transforming workspaces. By creating spaces that are not only functional, but are beautiful and therefore more “scenic”,  your people will be happier and in turn, your bottom line will be boosted. 

Redesigning doesn’t just reflect the changing nature of what a beautiful workspace looks like, but having a transformed workplace will also reflect the changing nature of the workforce. In a study conducted by YouGov, of the over 2000 survey respondents, 85% said that the workplace is the first thing that is typically judged by visitors and clients. A massive 79% also said that when looking for a new job, walking into a workplace that is well-designed and aesthetically pleasing will make them more likely to want the position. To delve further into this notion view our article What does your workspace say about you?  This article explores the notion that everything speaks, not only is having a beautiful transformed workplace better for the staff, it will also help you land new employees and provide a positive experience to clients. 

When it comes to running a business, it may feel like what the colours of the walls are is at the bottom of your priority list; but by having beautiful spaces, you’ll have a more creative and productive team. Not only should these spaces be beautiful, but they should be varied. Diversity is the spice of life, and this is no different when putting together a team in an office environment.

Along with different perspectives and life experiences, these different people will also have different work styles. From the type who flourish with background chatter while at their desk, to those who need silence to focus, having diverse spaces in which people can create their working experience will allow them to feel most comfortable and perform their best work.  

The Workplace Performance Index (WPI) measured Fortune 500 businesses based on four different work modes. These modes are: 

  1. Focus – based around the personal space office staff inhabit. It is ergonomically designed and emphasises individual focus. 
  2. Collaboration – takes place in common areas. Whether these be staff lounges, communal tables or breakout spaces. This mode best serves teamwork and project collaboration. 
  3. Socialisation – emphasises lunch rooms, communal spaces, staff lounges and relaxation spaces. They’re places to build personal and social connections with coworkers, and find some downtime in the day. 
  4. Training – learning and resource areas such as libraries and research spaces. They’re usually quiet and assist workers in building and expanding their job expertise in both self driven study and group work. 

During the research based on these WPI modes, strong links have been found between well designed and beautiful workspaces and employee creativity and innovation. Having these diversified areas and allowing different work modes to take place, employees will be able to tap into their innovative and creative thinking styles and produce work that is ahead of the curve. 

Having beautiful spaces that are enjoyed by staff and clients alike, all helps to boost your bottom line. Creating a space in which people feel inspired, empowered and creative, will not only help boost employee innovation and productivity, but may also help you land that next big deal. 

Beautiful, functional and inspiring transformed workplaces are the perfect environment in which to bring in revenue, and put your business years ahead of the rest. For more information on how you can boost your bottom line and create a transformed workplace, subscribe to our newsletter today

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