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What does your workspace say about you?


When you enter your workspace, how does this make you feel?
Is your workspace distinctively your business or could it be anywhere? 


Leading businesses know that their company culture and values are reinforced or undermined by their physical work environment. A great workspace utilises form and function to illustrate the needs of their business and how to achieve their long-term goals. This is an intelligent space, an intuitive area that supports the staff’s needs and wellbeing. A workspace that isn’t in line with their own culture and business aspirations, speaks to an overall lack of understanding about what makes your business unique, your reason for existing. 

A1 Office understands every business is different, with unique staff and operational requirements, and so our workspace transformations create a deliberate and distinctive workspace experience. This requires understanding all facets of your business, then illustrating who you are and what you stand for throughout your space. Learn what your workspace says about you by considering the below: 

Technology – Communication matters.

Technology can be a powerful way to facilitate better collaboration among staff, ensuring they remain engaged and inspired, particularly those who may be working from home or remotely. Technology is always adapting and changing, allowing for your business to thrive in many new ways. Things like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming increasingly popular in the workspace. Those who embrace technology early are often the industry leaders in their fields.

We have seen COVID-19 shifting workspace design to be more reliant on technology and becoming more communication-focused in order to get work done. We predict more businesses embracing flexible working conditions and allowing for movement between working remotely and being in office. Inability to adapt to the changing landscape of a mobile workforce and embrace the technology that this supports could become costly for businesses; using technology and communication in your workspace shows your business is progressive and values efficiency. 

Breakout areas – Collaboration matters.

Collaboration has the power to inspire innovation and the best way to foster collaboration is to provide a designated space for it to happen. This space should be tailored specifically for teams to converse and collaborate – view inside some of our breakout areas here. Companies who foster collaboration and growth are generally reported to have higher company productivity and decreased employee turnover. Informal meetings or socialising are great tools to improve employee wellbeing and these spaces also allow inspired innovation to come to light. Creating specific spaces away from desks allows for different departments to collaborate and talk in a relaxed pressure-free environment, and having collaboration spaces shows that your business values creativity and innovation. 

Work desks- Your team matters.

If you care about employee well-being, ensure you show it through your space, as an empowering space creates inspired staff.  It’s important to make sure your space is a supportive one. Make sure you have necessary tools on hand, physical break out spaces, and areas and initiatives that promote wellness. For more in depth tips and tricks on how to foster wellness in the workspace, read our article on mental health and wellbeing here.

It’s important to note that while every design choice says something about who you are,  your team is the most important asset in communicating who your business is to the world. Their workspace and surroundings play a critical role in boosting mental health, productivity and morale. Our aim with every client is to create a space that empowers employee potential.  This requires an emphasis on staff wellness that positively reinforces good mental health practices while being functional, productive and beautiful.  

Design – Culture and functionality matters. 

To have an element of certainty in an uncertain world is to control whatever you can. So, many of our clients appreciate our process of preparing for your future business needs as we design for your businesses aspirations.
Are you looking to grow or downsize a particular area?
What tools and programs does a new division require?
Where do you see new arms of business operating? 

All of these considerations are taken into account when considering the design of your space, including the psychology of colours and creative areas that help foster innovation. Art can be inspiring for a variety of reasons, including spreading positivity and lowering stress levels. Art and company vision or branding can help communicate key business messages in a sophisticated non-verbal way. For example, art using your brand colours or mission statement helps employees connect with the bigger company purpose and it offers transparency. Moreover a thoughtful design that creates a deliberate experience that is distinctively yours is great for branding, and if done in a manner to future-proof your business strategy it becomes a sought-after investment. 

Natural elements –  Wellness matters.  

Workplaces who embrace natural elements including indoor plants, or natural furnishings and finishes often report lower stress levels, improved cognition, increased healthy mood stability and raised productivity. Elements such as potted plants, indoor vertical gardens and wood panelling all improve the ambience of space bringing in an ‘outside in’ effect. Rooms and spaces that feature natural sunlight and air are the number one factor in raising workplace productivity.
We recognise the importance of such elements and are leaders in sustainable source materials for our interiors. Natural elements and plants show you care about not just the environment but your people. 

Whether you are aware of it or not, at an unconscious level everything speaks and your workspace is a physical representation of your business values, culture and vision. A transformed workspace is intelligence at play, directly supporting how your business collaborates, supports employee wellness as well as your business operations.
Ensure your space is saying what you want to convey to your clients and staff and know what that message is. Sing it loud and clear, otherwise you are speaking without thought and missing ample opportunity to create a distinctive and deliberate workspace experience. 

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Image: Caspak Packaging
Photographer : Lisa Atkinson 

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