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The role of satellite offices in a post COVID-19 world


It’s clear the move to work from home has highlighted the critical role of workspaces – and while many will return to the office, the role of satellite offices as an alternative to the work from home will likely see an increase in the post COVID-19 world.  

COVID-19 has placed many pressures on everyday life, including the workspace. Today, more than ever, satellite offices are becoming a solution in an evolving work landscape. A satellite office can allow a company to expand, without eliminating or moving their current headquarters. A satellite office is defined as an office that breaks up large, centralized facilities into a network of smaller workplaces that can be located close to customers or to employees’ homes.

The team at A1 Office have come up with 4 tips, which exemplify the benefits of satellite offices and how they would suit your business.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, offices have been forced to adapt to employees working from home. From this, businesses are now considering diversifying from large offices into suburban offices. Employees will benefit from the convenience of office location, being able to cut down travel time as well as grow the business footprint in the local community.

A company can get the same work done, at a more affordable rate and at a more convenient location – consider investing in a satellite location to establish a presence and improve your business prospects.

Retain Business Culture

Satellite offices, as opposed to diluting company vision and culture, can strengthen it. Improvements in technology, such as video chatting software, have allowed companies to bring personal connections, irrespective of proximity to other company locations. Interestingly, some research has suggested the culture in office spaces with a smaller amount of people is more personal, as there are usually far fewer people than in the companies’ head office. Likewise, a report called The State of The American Workplace, found that smaller companies had more engaged employees – “42% of employees working at companies of 10 or fewer were engaged at work versus only 30% of employees at large companies.” Although we believe any size business can instill a winning team culture, there is always merit in getting ‘like minds’ together, and in smaller environments. This may help to quickly strengthen the existing business culture.

Collaboration Workspaces

A key reason to get people back into the workspace is the need for close collaboration on work projects. The Harvard Business Review article Reimagining the Urban Office found that “well-designed meeting spaces can contribute to a culture of learning and knowledge sharing.” Simply, well-designed workplaces increase employee collaboration. View inside our breakout areas here

Office designs post-COVID 19 will be focused on how collaboration in the office can best be manifested – satellite offices and head offices with ample break out areas are a great way to achieve this. Employees can go back with a greater emphasis on spaces enhanced by collaboration for interaction with their colleagues. For ideas of how to best return to the office – sign up for our free Return to Work consultation.

Recruitment tool within design

Working from home has let us all experience how our workspace setup plays a vital tool in productivity. We have written previously about how productivity plays an important role in the workspace before. More so, designing your satellite office should be a comfortable, inspiring space to spend time in. Remember that furniture decisions, coordination, setup, and maintenance cost a business time that could otherwise be spent focusing on other income areas for your business. Rather, let us at A1 Office help you create an innovative workspace that empowers culture and fosters collaboration.

If you’re interested in creating a satellite office that works for the future of office spaces in the post-COVID world, make sure you contact us today.

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