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Green is the New Black – How A1 Office is Leading in Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is increasingly becoming a buzzword around the interior design community, although A1 Office has been inherently designing green long before the buzzing started. Sustainable design consists of reducing consumption of non-renewable resources, minimising waste, using sustainably sourced materials and creating healthy, productive environments for our present and future.

Our A1 Office Director of Design, Dana Moussaoui, is a leading example of sustainability in the workforce, so much so she has been nominated as a finalist for the category Women in Sustainability for the 2020 Sustainability Awards. Dana has had 20 years of interior architecture experience and her team uses a green library, ensuring the selection of eco-friendly materials are first-choice for designers. While we specialise in designing and constructing intuitive and intelligent spaces, we also take into consideration what’s required to make a business thrive, and each project can have unique challenges to ensure sustainability remains a top priority.

A1 Office has been chosen as a finalist for in the Architecture & Design’s Annual Sustainability Awards in two categories, Commercial Architecture – Large and Commercial Architecture – Small. These categories are regarded with the highest calibre of sustainable innovation and design. 

Designing an office which focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising our environment is the aim of all sustainable design. We are pleased our clients Noma Consulting and Caspak Packaging were nominated for the awards, although both projects had their unique challenges.

Noma Consulting – Sustainability Awards Commercial Architecture Small
A smooth and seamless collision of home and office, historic and new, private and open; Noma Consulting had unique design challenges given its location and the state of the building. Situated four levels high in a historic 100 year old building within Melbourne’s CBD, our design team focused on maximising natural light for their ‘green’ office design. Natural elements like the rock facade and moss wall allowed staff to operate in an area reminiscent of their work as engineers of underground tunnels. Mind the technology and high-end finishes are anything but underground. Sustainable timber flooring and a modern kitchen contrast with the striking urban graffiti wall. It also represents Melbourne’s amazing art culture and with a raised breakout area, helping staff to collaborate and relax. 

Caspak Packaging – Sustainability Awards Commercial Architecture Large
Caspak Packaging was an entirely different style of building, a new space built with sustainability in mind at every turn. An aspect of the Caspak Packaging project we love to promote is the cost savings through using sustainable energy. Constructed according to their Sustainable Management Plan (SMP), A1 Office was responsible for ensuring sustainability and the company’s work culture were included into the interior design and appliances. Recycled plastic (now fun-filled confetti) furniture greets visitors in the foyer and sustainable chairs and tables make for a relaxing breakout area. The client’s desire was to be completely self-sustaining. Their 335 panel 134kw solar plant on the roof is efficient and effective in powering the company’s vehicles, building and neighbourhood. Solar power fuels the internal appliances, making Caspak Packaging achieve their ‘green’ office goal.

We are very proud of the hard work, persistence, and creativity, which can be seen through Design Director Dana and the talented designers at A1 Office and our wonderful clients.

Get in contact with us today to see how we can incorporate sustainable and empowering office layouts to make a better eco-friendly world that’s greater for your workspace, the environment and your health.

If you would also like to find out more about the sustainability 2020 awards, please click here.

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