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The Top Five Office Dogs… and Why We Love Them

Every week within the staff newsletter we celebrate Furry Friends of A1 Office and pay homage to all the helpful dogs keeping staff company while we work from home. It’s become apparent over recent weeks that some dog breeds are more ‘work friendly’ than others – and while we love all of them equally (no favourites here!), we became curious as to which types of dogs are considered the best in the workplace. While these breeds are our favourites in the workplace, all dogs have different personalities and traits, and we are sure any dog will help you work well.

Pets are incredibly effective at boosting the moods of all of those around them. Studies have shown they reduce anxiety, lower stress levels and increase overall morale. In the workplace, having a designated office dog, or allowing employees to bring theirs in, is an incredible tool to increase overall wellness in the workplace. Employee wellbeing matters as it leads to higher productivity, collaboration and creativity in the workplace. 

Office Dogs example

5. Golden Retriever 

It’s no surprise that Golden Retrievers make amazing office companions. They are beautiful, calm, intelligent and loyal creatures who love affection from humans. Golden Retrievers are ‘pack dogs’. Nothing makes them happier than being inside near their humans, usually under their feet. A great benefit of this breed is that they are not ‘watchdogs’, meaning they’re not prone to barking in the presence of strangers. For businesses who have a lot of on-site visitors, these dogs are ideal as they are more likely to wag their tails than bark at strangers.

small Office Dogs

4. Pugs 

Pugs are loyal, friendly and affectionate with a very enthusiastic nature. These happy dogs are incredibly intelligent, making them ideal for any workspace as they can be trained with ease. Pugs are adorably sleepy creatures who love naps, which makes them an excellent candidate for any office, allowing you to carry on with work while watching them snooze the day away.

Office Dogs at work3. Italian Greyhound or Whippet
Elegant, graceful and kind, the Italian Greyhound or Whippet makes a great workplace lapdog. This small-sized breed makes for a great low-maintenance companion. Their short coats are perfect to prevent malting hair from covering your workspace. Unlike the name Whippet suggests, these dogs aren’t particularly energetic. They love to snuggle and snooze while you work. Think of them as graceful lounge dogs. Pictured is an A1 Office Furry Friend called Ayla, her Human is Briallen from the A1 Office Furniture department. We’re told Ayla is a wonderful working companion, only rousing in the afternoons to go for her daily walk to the park.

Office Dogs outside

2. Maltese

Highly suited for living indoors and enjoying small spaces, a little Maltese can be an excellent addition to any workplace. Despite their luxurious long coats, Maltese’s are hypoallergenic and aren’t prone to excessive shedding. Their small size and loving personality also makes them incredible therapy dogs, who thrive in workplaces that may be prone to stress. Mind they’ve been known to bark, although with a little training this is easily curtailed. 

adorable Office Dogs

1. Australian Labradoodles

Intelligent, quick to learn, friendly and social. No, I’m not describing your ideal employee, I’m describing the perfect dog for any office – the Australian Labradoodle. Originally this breed was designed for therapy purposes due to their beautifully intuitive nature. These dogs are eager to please and praise driven, meaning they are easy to train to be good in any office. These dogs are reminiscent of teddy bears and hypoallergenic, so they’re a real crowd pleaser.

Office cat

Not a dog person? 

An office cat is an excellent alternative for workplaces looking for more independent companions. These independent and affectionate creatures not only make great pets but can also be great office pest managers, scaring away mice and rodents. Cats have been rumored to enjoy lazy afternoons on sunny keyboards and laptops, but with a simple ‘shove’ their proud selves will move settling elsewhere in the office.

At A1 Office we believe pets are an excellent tool to boost office morale on ”‘ruff’ days. When picking an office dog, please keep in mind that every dog is unique, with different personalities and traits. Staff wellness is important with the potential to be costly, through absenteeism and high turnover, if it isn’t maintained.  Our article on mental health and wellbeing covers some more specific things that can be done to improve morale in the workplace. 

If you have quite a gorgeous office dog helping you out while working from home – let us know about them! Send a photo, it’s name and how it helps you work to

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