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Five Quick Ways to Boost Wellbeing in the Workplace

Christmas holidays can be a wonderful and a stressful time for some staff in the workplace, so it is important to be aware and maintain workplace wellness during this time. It is also equally vital to encourage staff to seek help when needed. For many it has been an incredibly challenging year, so we thought we’d share some quick ways to boost workplace wellness and mental health.

At A1 Office we seek to understand your employees and create workspaces that empowers their potential. Businesses that fail to understand the value of their employees tend to be prone to expensive employee turnover and absenteeism. The key to improving the overall mood of your workforce is to create a space that they enjoy. A space which empowers, inspires and supports the needs of your workforce. 

Improving work/life balance – Output not hours 

Efficiency is often not recognised or rewarded in the workplace, with many employers measuring the level of effort simply by the number of hours put in by their staff. Measuring output in hours has been around since the industrial revolution. This test is not designed for the modern work environment and fails to take account of the competing demands on the lifestyle of workers today. Incentivising employees to work longer hours because they’re perceived to be working harder, leads to a work-life imbalance for their staff and often less job satisfaction, due to time wasted. 

For employees, achieving work-life balance can be as difficult as walking a tightrope. Many of us are time poor, with little harmony between our work life and personal life. At A1 Office we see the value of hard work in actual productivity, promoting flexibility in the workplace to help employees achieve work-life balance. We admire businesses who adopt flexible ‘business hours’, with some employees choosing to work a four day work week and others opting to finish work at 3:30pm to pick up the kids from school.

Yoga and wellness

Employee wellness initiatives aren’t just trends. They have a key role to play in keeping employees grounded in their sense of self and purpose, while also reducing stress. Bringing an initiative like the practice of Yoga into your business, whether it be weekly, monthly or even just yearly has been shown to be particularly beneficial in the modern workplace. Yoga and meditation can lower stress leading to less employee absenteeism, lower health care costs and higher morale. This all leads to less costly employee turnover. 

At A1 Office, we often create spaces that are easily transformed with office wellness in mind, for example, creating breakout rooms that can become yoga studios or collaboration areas. 

The office oasis 

It’s no secret that bringing plants into the office is a surefire way to boost creativity, positivity and employee mental health. Biologically, humans have an innate need to interact with nature we are simply happier when we are around plants. 

At A1 Office we are leading the way in sustainable interior design, and wherever possible, we aim to include natural elements into our workspaces. Being surrounded by natural elements like wood, stone and plants is good for human health and wellbeing. A simple and inexpensive way to ensure your employees can benefit from some communion with nature is by enhancing their workspace with healthy indoor plants.

Office dog

It’s becoming  increasingly common to bring pets into the workplace, mainly due to the positive impact on employee mental health and wellness. Studies have shown pets reduce anxiety, lower stress and increase overall morale. At A1 Office we love seeing businesses with ‘pet friendly policies,’ either allowing employees to bring their furry friends in, or having a designated office dog. Pet’s also have the power to influence how your organisation approaches collaboration. One study has found that “pets help break down barriers to social interaction by providing a pathway to conversation”, with employees being “more cooperative, communicative, and friendly toward each other” when around animals.

Unsure what pet would make a great addition to your workplace? Read about our favourite office dog breeds.

Take breaks every 30 minutes

We at A1 Office love this initiative because it is so simple, and yet, it has so many benefits for the modern workplace. Regular breaks have the power to improve the happiness of employees, increase their focus and reduce stress. Many employees think that taking breaks during the workday suggests to an employer that they are “slacking off”, however, studies have shown that working for uninterrupted periods of time leads to poorer mental health. We encourage businesses to consider giving employees 5 minute breaks every 30 minutes. You can use this time to complete activities or simply encourage your workforce to stand up from their desk and stretch. You’ll be amazed by the results.

At A1 Office we believe employees are a business’ greatest asset. By recognising the importance of mental health and wellness, we empower our business potential. We aim to create a physical and cultural environment in which staff feel supported and employee wellbeing is at the forefront. The result is a positive, motivated and empowered workforce, that will help your company flourish and kick goals every day.

Get in contact with us today for tips, tricks, and advice on how you can create beautiful, functional spaces that empower and promote physical and mental wellness for your staff. View the recent workspaces we’ve transformed, or sign up to our newsletter for more office space advice. 

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