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Sustainable Office Design Explained

“Design has become the most powerful tool with which man shapes his tools and environments and, by extension, society and himself” – Victor Papanek.

Conscious design has been on the rise since the 1960s, with famous designer Victor Papanek tackling sustainability and social issues. Our Design Director Dana Moussaoui has been critical in turning the Australian corporate interior space sustainable for over 20 years. At A1 Office, we’ve seen a growing request for sustainable design by clients, including a paper recycling company called, Visy.

We created the Visy workspace to foster collaboration and inspire creativity, and do so in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. We incorporated several eco-friendly measures in various processes. These included sustainable features, break-out areas with refreshed columns of repurposed materials, solar-first solutions, and carpets crafted from thousands of recycled plastic bottles. Read more on how A1 crafted Visy here.

Sustainable design has three pillars that are taken into consideration when creating a space; environmental, social and economic development. The European Commission’s Science and Knowledge Service – Sustainable Product Policy indicates ‘around 80% of the ecological impacts of a product are locked in at the design phase.’ This illustrates how critical the design stage is, allowing designers to plan and assess how their designs will impact the future. Fundamentally, assessing how to replace the polluting and non-recyclable materials with more sustainable options to reduce negative impacts on the world.

Some of the methods our designers use to enhance sustainability are:

  • Reducing waste/environmental degradation
  • Optmise water saving 
  • Using eco-friendly materials
  • Up-cycling materials and office furniture
  • Maximise natural light into the spaces 
  • Including plants
  • Incorporating green power
  • Choosing non-toxic furniture materials and sustainable suppliers

Most notably the benefits of sustainable design can be seen in improved productivity and health of staff with less sick days and of course the environment. Moussaoui’s philosophy includes a comprehensive view towards sustainability, while promoting sustainable interior materials, it’s equally as important to care for the environment that surrounds the building. 

Moussaoui’s influence and leadership within A1 Office has recently made the business become finalists for the Architecture & Design’s Annual 2020 Sustainability Awards, including, Commercial Architecture – Large and Commercial Architecture – Small. Design Director Dana Moussaoui herself was also nominated for a Women in Sustainability award

If you would like to make your office workspace sustainable, please get in contact today with A1 Office and we will help you move towards an eco-friendly office future.

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