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Our Top New Year’s Workspace Resolutions

2020 was a difficult year for many businesses and their employees. With 2021 now here, we figured it’s time to share our favourite workspace resolutions for the New Year. 

Goals are resolutions with a deadline and they are a powerful tool to highlight your priorities. Below, we cover four main workspace resolution categories, so you can start off your New Year right: by kicking goals. 

Employee Wellbeing

In today’s workplace, setting New Year’s resolutions to boost employee wellbeing shows staff they are a valued priority. Remote working has many benefits; however, some report that working remotely can create a lack of connection, team spirit and appreciation from senior management . Staff feeling undervalued can lead to both increased absenteeism, and a drop in work quality.. We believe the best way to start 2021 right is with small gestures, to show  employees they are appreciated, and a priority.   Our favourite resolutions below: 


  •  Personally thank every employee for their work by April 2021. 
  •  Implement a 10,000 step walking challenge for one month of the year. 
  •  Include mental health in any wellness talks or initiatives that your business offers.  
  •  Encourage breaks – find out more here.


  •  Don’t be afraid to take personal days for mental health.
  •  Find a comfortable work-life balance.
  •  Find stress-releasing activities. 
  •  Encourage open communication with your managers. 

Focus on culture – team collaboration 

One of the biggest challenges with remote work is the impact of not being face-to-face with peers and management, and the effect this has on collaboration and company culture. With some organisations staying online and others venturing back to the physical workplace, now is the time to redefine your culture and remind stakeholders of who you are as a business. A tried-and-tested way to encourage collaboration and a positive culture is to create a physical space that encourages and celebrates both who you are now and where you plan to go. A1 Office understands every business is different, with unique staff and operational requirements, and naturally our workspace transformations create a deliberate and distinctive workspace experience. 


  • Identify physical areas in the workspace that could be redesigned  with collaboration in mind. 
  • Ask staff for feedback about their workspace.
  • Invest in  a cultural shadowing report (best completed by an outside party, contact us for more details) to uncover any hidden cultural factors in your business and how to address them. 


  • Ask co-workers for their opinion and feedback on your work.
  • Raise any concerns about your workspace environment with your manager.
  • Ask yourself: “Am I reflecting the company’s culture and values?”


There is a catalogue of failed brands who resisted innovation in its early stages, from Netflix  vs. Blockbuster, Google  vs. Bing, to Myspace  vs. Facebook. Many cite their failure  to invest in innovative technologies or respond to market trends. . When it comes to sustainability, many businesses are realising that now is the time to invest in innovative environmental practices, or risk being left behind.  Being more sustainable is commonly associated with expense; however, in the long-term these changes (low energy appliances, green power etc) improve efficiency, reducing  costs. Furthermore, consumers expect more from companies these days,  with a growing demand for corporate social responsibility.  Operating sustainably shows that you are a leader. Recently, our work with sustainable packaging company Caspak Packaging saw their large solar set-up power their internal appliances, company cars and surrounding buildings. We recommend starting small on the road to sustainability by following some of our favourite goals below, or getting in contact to discuss your needs. 


  • Create a strategy to reduce power consumption – this can be through power-saving light switches, solar power, etc.
  • Identify areas where waste can be reduced – printing, packaging, etc.
  • Ensure recycling systems are in place. 


  • Pack zero-waste lunches – replace single-use sandwich bags and plastic forks with reusable containers: the old-school lunchbox is back in style!
  •  Bring reusable coffee cups and water bottles to work. These days, most sport beautiful designs.

Re-imagine your space to work for you

Australia has changed considerably in the wake of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic,  meaning that it is time to reconsider the physical needs of your business and its workspaces. Some organisations are ditching the traditional office space and focusing only on being remote. Becoming a remote office does have benefits;  however, the key factors  distinguishing industry leaders from the rest are  largely their company culture, mentoring, authenticity, collaboration and ability to innovate. These factors require physical presence, typically learning by osmosis and mentorship . A1 Office believes in flexibility and allowing staff to work in an environment prompting productivity and stability; which often requires a balance of remote and face-to-face  work. Our research suggests the workspace is critical going forward into 2021, as people work best when they’re collaborating. 

 In the New Year, we recommend identifying what most benefits your employees, stakeholders and the needs of your business. With this information in mind, take a fresh look at your workspace and ask:  What does my workspace say about my business? 

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