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New Year, New Office – Five Factors of Intelligent Workspace Design

Leading businesses understand their office environment reflects their company values and priorities. In previous years, we have seen a key focus on collaboration, openness and innovative designs. Moving forward, workspace design concepts will take a different approach, with more focus given to mirroring culture, brand and growth.

At A1 Office, strategic thinking plays a critical role in our process. This process makes all the difference when creating intelligent workspace experiences. Below, we have listed some of the many key aspects required when creating intuitive spaces. 

Cultural Shadowing –  It is vital for employers to understand how their business operates. At A1 Office, cultural shadowing is a first and crucial step in our design process. To determine how your business works best, our design team first observe how you work, gathering critical feedback; this provides invaluable insights on transforming your workplace into an innovative space.

This process, along with our industry expertise is our defining  factor; often it’s what management ‘know that isn’t so’, that makes the greatest difference to their workspace, their people and their business. 

People Power within the space – Many ‘fit-out’ companies create new workspaces without tailoring them to reflect the needs of those actually  using it. Will it solely be employees or will there also be clients, community members and visitors? The layout, décor and ambience all need to align and  cater to the needs of all inhabitants.

Everything speaks – what does your space say about you? –  Your workspace  must make a great first impression upon potential clients and prospective hires, because people are impacted by their environment. The Harvard Business Review states: we need to start ‘merging digital communication patterns with physical space, which can increase the probability of interactions that lead to innovation and productivity.’ This means utilising  each available square metre to our advantage: to make an impact, to tell a story, and to display your company values. The space also needs to reflect your brand, reflecting where you’ve been and where you’re going.  

Purpose over play – Every  workspace area should be purposeful, and support those within it. A great workplace  should be designed as an innovative and creative space, where individuals can reach their full potential. For each area, some design factors to consider include:  motivation building; professional development; improved communication and being able to create an ‘experience’.

What workplace attributes enhance productivity? – The workplace should be an environment where the team within can get tasks done easily. You also need the tools to ensure you can complete duties successfully. The success of a company relies on its team, so ensuring teamwork and a supported staff is crucial to a successful workspace. 

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