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Designing for the Future: Building Automation Systems

Times have changed, and so too have our workspaces; from remote working to monitored attendance – A1 Office knows the future of the intelligent workspace requires Building Automation Systems (BAS), but what does this mean?

A Building Automation System (BAS) is a system of hardware and software, that connects heating, venting and air conditioning systems (HVAC), lighting, security, and other systems to communicate on a single platform. The system then delivers vital information on the operational performance of the building as well as monitoring the safety and comfort of the occupants. It is intelligence in action, being recorded and presented in real time.  

The BAS can maintain building temperature within a specified range, light rooms based on working schedules, monitor performance and device failures in all systems and provide malfunction alarms. Automation systems reduce building energy and maintenance costs compared to a non-controlled building. With the building sector accounting for more than one-third of the total energy consumption all over the world, BAS are experiencing rapid growth as demands increase. Often referred to as ‘smart buildings’, it’s easy to see why.

Other components that may be controlled by BAS:

  •         Power monitoring
  •         Close circuit video (CCTV)
  •         Card and keypad access
  •         Fire alarm system
  •         Elevators/escalators
  •         Plumbing and water monitoring
  •         Elevators and escalators

How do smart buildings and BAS work?

Sensors track temperature, humidity, the number of people in a room, the lighting level and other factors. The sensors transmit this information to the controllers. These controllers then act as the “brain” of the BAS. They collect data from the sensors and then send out commands to HVAC units, lighting systems, security alarms and other connected parts. 

Once the controller sends out a command, actuators and relays go into action to react to the requirements. For example, they can reduce or increase the heating in a particular part of the building, dim lights in unused offices, or turn on the air conditioning before people come to work. All of this adds to the comfort and operational level of the workspace.

Your BAS is also capable of providing contractors and technicians with a detailed rundown of any issues or problems that have arisen prior to the service visit. This means your technicians will be able to prioritize critical issues they need to address and come prepared with the tools or equipment they’ll need.

Intelligent design: Our BAS 

The building automation systems (BAS) market is poised to grow at a rate of 3.4% for the period 2019-2026. Energy efficiency requisites, energy conservation, favourable government initiatives, rising energy prices, and strict building codes are contributing to this rise in building automation requirements.

A1 Office offers independent advisory services to large corporates, Government organisations, non-profits and the private sector. With our team’s combined expertise and high security government clearance, our ability to serve high risk clientele ensures security and confidentiality is a top priority.

Our professional consultants are experts in design, engineering, building management and technology. Our resident Solution Technologist provides simple solutions to complex problems. Independent audit reports offer invaluable insight into your building technology infrastructure, ensuring end-of-life and compliance needs are met.

These reports can be provided as a professional service or consultants can act as a client representative and take it to market to obtain vendor agnostic solutions for tabling. In an increasingly complex and digital world, our dynamic Building Technology and Workspace Technology is providing innovative solutions for changing work environments.

Leading companies and organisations understand that Building Automation Systems are critical for a safe, intelligent and intuitive workplaces. Given our advisory services are independent and agnostic, and our building technology solutions are chosen in cooperation with building owners and facility representatives.

The future for our office and living spaces, lies in Building Automation. It will lead to a healthier, happier, and more sustainable ecosystem for you and everyone you share the space with.

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