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Culture, Technology and Leadership – Three Keys to Empowering Potential

During COVID-19 businesses were tested in many ways with new unforeseen challenges. While we have seen many companies overcoming these obstacles, many are still finding such challenges difficult.

At A1 Office we know the pillars of culture, technology and leadership are the essence of what has made many of our clients’ industry leaders, especially through challenging times such as COVID-19. Excelling in all three pillars creates what we refer to as ‘the golden triangle’. 

With most businesses being subject to remote work, we have witnessed companies who are proficient in these pillars excelling, while other businesses who lacked these strengths have been very challenged.


Company culture encapsulates how your employees feel about the work they do, what they value, what they believe in, where they see the company going and what they’re doing to get your business there. Culture is open to influence or inspiration from a variety of sources such as social connections within the workspace, your brand, leadership and where employees physically work.

Without a strong company culture, businesses can suffer as staff feel disconnected, and like their work has little impact or value. Culture keeps employees working towards a common goal. Inclusive open cultures where staff feel valued and connected increase productivity, reduce turnover and employee absenteeism. 

The question is: how do you foster a good company culture? 

The answer is threefold; through leadership and technology and using both to empower potential.  The golden triangle is dependent on each other, together they create a powerful whole.

For a significant amount of businesses their company culture was drastically impacted  during a period of full-time remote work brought on by lockdowns due to COVID-19. Employees have reportedly become more accustomed to solo work and employers are seeing a dip in collaboration and communication. Working remotely ensures employees are also less likely to engage in small talk, mentoring and connecting with colleagues solely due to the reduced face-to-face time from being absent in the office.

We at A1 Office believe that collaboration is key to culture which is why we recommend a flexible working arrangement whereby employees can work from home and come into the office whenever necessary, and sometimes it is necessary. Given the choice, we’ve found many employees opt to come into the office. We’ve been finding clients choosing to use the workspace as a space for collaboration and meetings which positively enhances their culture leading to higher employee morale.


Technology is often a biggest weakness or limitation, and of the three pillars, it is the easiest to fix. A common scenario during COVID-19 was staff who didn’t have the correct resources to complete their work at home losing productivity and motivation. Businesses who didn’t value technology were thrown into panic as their teams were forced to work remotely. Not having the appropriate technology (be it Microsoft Teams or Zoom for meetings, or a good internet connection) makes the workplace a struggle. This can lead to lower team morale, feeling less connected, less creative, or less productive.

Another common struggle of businesses and technology is their out-dated or corrupt building management or automation system. This can leave your building or space vulnerable to cyber or physical attacks. Intelligent spaces have a building management system that’s supportive and intuitive, controlling the air conditioning, lights and security.

At A1 Office, we consulted with many new clients about how best to fix these challenges and how to innovate for the COVID-19 pandemic as well as long-term growth of the company. Without technology, culture is hampered, and leadership undermined, and no business can truly empower potential.


In our experience a lack of defined or caring leadership is reflective in business performance, and of course evident in both culture and technology. It doesn’t matter how great your brand, culture, product or service is if it is not run well by people dedicated to empowering your employee’s potential and achieving a set of strategic goals.

Poor leadership at any level of a company usually leads to a toxic company culture which becomes costly, reducing profit and halting long-term growth. This scenario often results in increased employee turnover, absenteeism, a higher job burnout rate and low staff morale.

It is now more important than ever for leaders to inspire, build trust and create strategies which empower the potential of your business.

At A1 Office we see many CEOs or managers who cannot see that they are falling behind in these key pillars to their businesses potential or are unsure how to fulfill them. This is why we have over numerous years developed a way of understanding every facet of your business through a coordinated consulting process. When you choose to work with us, we identify your unique insights that need addressing, and design a space to address these while celebrating the culture of your company.

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