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Are People a Product of their Environment?

“If you stick your hand in a pot of honey some of it will stick”

“You are the sum of the top five people you spend most time with”

“Association is key”

We’ve all heard these phrases and others like them, and they beg the question, are people a product of their environment or is the environment a product of the people? 

At A1 Office we are acutely aware of the incredible impact supportive environments have on staff productivity, health and motivation. We create intelligent spaces that are not only practical, but are supportive and beautiful, and that promote innovation, motivation and success from all those who enter it. We believe the answer is two fold; while people undoubtedly influence the environment, we know creating an environment that fosters and supports great people is critical.

When leaders become aware of how the environment dictates performance they’re often quick to engage us to create the best possible environment for their staff. To create deliberate experiences that become intuitive and inspiring spaces for staff, we must engage in a cultural shadowing exercise to learn how your people and business works best. While these insights are unique to each business, there are a few tips that work for any environment.

Happy Work Space, Happy Head Space

Making your office a pleasant working environment is a sure fire way to help boost motivation in your employees. Walking into a space that looks positive and creative will make your people feel positive and creative. By designing your office space as a deliberately supportive experience, not only will you create a beautiful environment, but one that is empowering, functional and motivational.

Calm and Creative 

Creating a soothing and calm space for workers to come to each day is essential to fostering a safe place for all. An emotionally and physically safe space creates happier people who are more creative and innovative. Creating a quality workspace in which employees feel comfortable and calm allows them to produce their best work. Ways to do this include introducing calming colours and indoor plants, or making sure there are plenty of breakout areas so staff can tailor their work environment for their best possible productivity. Afterall, variety is the spice of life. 

Collaboration = Innovation

With more opportunity to discuss projects with other employees, comes more opportunity to innovate. Everyone will come at the same challenge with a different perspective, so fostering an environment in which collaboration is encouraged can result in more creative problem solving. Creating beautiful breakout spaces in which staff can discuss current challenges on projects can result in innovative and creative solutions to those problems. Which in turn, can boost people’s motivation in their work and increase productivity. 

Wellness for Workers

Investing in staff wellness and creating a positive company culture is quickly becoming the most important thing to employees, particularly after the pandemic year that was 2020.  By making sure staff have access to things like wellness spaces, sit-stand desks, healthy food options in kitchens and ergonomic seating; the health of staff (both emotionally and physically) will greatly improve. 

Spending up to 40 hours a week in the same place with the same people is bound to have a significant effect on people – either for the good, or the bad. People are heavily influenced by their environment – so it’s important to make those environments as conducive to happy, productive and motivated staff as possible. By creating calming spaces that foster a positive company culture, that are open to collaboration with other staff, and have an emphasis on worker wellness, you’ll no doubt see a marked increase in productivity, motivation, and innovation. 

If you have any questions about how you can optimise your space to produce the best possible workforce, contact us today.


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