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Why the Office is More Important than Ever Post COVID-19

Since the nationwide lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our time spent in offices has drastically reduced. For some it’s been many months since we last set foot in a traditional office space. The transition into working from home has been difficult on many, but ultimately one that we have adapted to out of pure necessity. Which begs the question – what are the benefits of returning to the workspace?

While some people may have taken to working from home better than others, office spaces provide distinct locations in which productivity and collaboration can flourish. Our recommendations for workspaces of a post COVID-19 world explore what’s to come, yet, we still believe the ultimate role of a central or satellite office is critical.

  • Collaboration Breeds Innovation

Online video chats and phone calls are second to face-to-face brainstorm meetings because of the energy created when ideas are shared and created. An online meeting makes it more difficult to read body language, there may be delays, stifling the creative process. Even a small chat with coworkers in coincidental meetings can breed innovation and new ideas. Innovation thrives in person-to-person interaction and is critical to business operations. Reentering a communal workplace will increase worker collaboration which will lead to innovation and creation. However we understand the necessity for all people to work from home right now; and online meetings are a second choice yet the office space will always be heralded as a place of like minded people to gather and innovate strategic outcomes. 

  • Variety is the Spice of Life

Humans are curious creatures who require stimulation, and people begin to stagnate if they’re in one place for too long. This can mean that constantly working in their same home office space can begin to negatively affect their productivity and motivation in the long term. When workers come into their office building, they not only have their particular office space to work in, but a number of other areas and breakout spaces in which they can focus on the task at hand. Make sure you have beautiful breakout areas for staff to enjoy, and you’ll soon see more and more staff coming back to the office with increased motivation. 

  • Quality Workspace = Quality Work

Entering into a space that has been beautifully designed, with functionality and practicality in mind can do wonders for employees productivity and motivation levels. A transformed workspace is an intuitive space that delivers deliberate experiences at every turn. Making sure your office space is totally prepared for workers to return will be paramount to reinvigorating employee morale. 

While many of us may have successfully adapted to the new work from home requirements, returning to the office space will be quintessential for further success. From offering a specific space in which employees can produce their best work, to  fostering collaboration and innovation, beautiful, functional office spaces will always be of paramount importance to businesses and their employees alike. For more information on how you can optimise your workspace and create innovative and functional office spaces sign up for our newsletter. 


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