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How to Work Productively from Home

With so many organisations embracing remote and flexible work options, we at A1 Office thought we would share our favourite productivity tips for increasing your productivity at home. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia, millions of employees had to abruptly adapt to working online from working in an office. The workforce has largely embraced this challenge, with 82% of Australian companies indicating they will continue to be a flexible workplace.

Australia’s response to remote work has been largely positive; however, after almost a year of operating solely online, some businesses are reporting a lag in productivity. 

While some employees thrive in the home environment, others struggle with the unique challenges of this new paradigm; the research suggests a mix of both is most preferable to staff. In order to stay productive while working from home, we need to evaluate our individual circumstances and create a positive routine: helping prevent burnout, and keeping work time from sneaking into your ‘down time’.

Create a schedule with boundaries

Designing and adhering to a daily schedule with specific working hours is a vital step for those seeking freedom, productivity, and fulfilling our true potential. When we follow a set routine completing one task at a time, there are fewer decisions to make, freeing us from having to contemplate or overthink things and also ensuring that we do not waste time during work hours.

When working remotely it is too easy to not get dressed for the day, to start work earlier, or finish later; this indecisiveness has the power to affect our productivity. 

Knowing how our day will run stops us from needing to plan beforehand. Pre-arranging the budget, activities, and time allocation – however tough –  allows us to get into a ‘doing’ mode as opposed to a ‘planning’ mindset. Additionally, having a dedicated office setting and home workspace is crucial to operating with a strict home working schedule.

Standardising our working lives creates healthy boundaries for a clearer work-life balance,  empowering you as an employee and a human being.

Take breaks

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that if you simply work harder, and longer, at home you can clock out early. A1 Office is a huge proponent for measuring productivity in output as opposed to hours. Quality over quantity. 

Moving from task to task doesn’t allow your mind to properly reflect or regroup. After a meeting or task, pause to process what has happened, or what could be improved. This will allow you to relax and reconnect with your work.


Breathing fresh air leads to better decision making, higher test scores, and improved information processing. When working from home, try and get outside at least once a day – whether it be for a walk,  sitting in the park, or buying a coffee. Your mind will thank you!

Take time off

While the idea of a ‘COVID-normal’ holiday may not be as desirable as that big trip overseas you’ve been dreaming of, we recommend planning a break at some point in the year. It is important to check-out of the work mindset and mentally refresh; even if your ‘holiday’ is as simple as visiting local attractions. 

Your health matters

Research shows a 72% improvement in time management and workload completion on days when employees exercise before work. It may sound simple, but frequently-skipped lifestyle habits –  a healthy diet, increased water intake, and moderate exercise –  lead to reduced stress, better sleep, improved performance, and higher levels of productivity.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to ‘crush it’ at the gym every morning or change your entire diet to foods you dislike. 

Simply start with small, incremental changes and see if your mood improves. We recommend finding an exercise you enjoy. Some people love dancing, others throw the football with the kids or simply take a walk. Just ensure your body is moving in a way that feels good. 

Get organised with an inspiring home office

“Surround yourself by inspiring things, and you will be inspired” A1 Office’s Design Director Dana Moussaoui. 

Have a look at how Dana has designed her home office to be as inspiring as it is productive – here.


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