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Designing For Your Company’s Future.

In business, bad workplace design often costs more than good work space design for one simple reason: bad design doesn’t consider where your company is heading.

We often see companies who view the physical office space as nothing more than desks, chairs, meeting rooms, art and, of course, lost revenue. Unfortunately, they’re missing out on the big picture recognised by many successful business leaders. 

In workspace design, ‘the look’ comes last – what really matters is form and function. Everything should speak to your culture, representing who your business is – through its aesthetics, and also provide a space that empowers potential. It is important to have a workspace that your employees want to spend time in, this can be achieved by creating an open plan space, with a lot of natural lighting.

If collaboration is your top priority: break out rooms, office furniture placement and the office building overall layout comes first. Conversely, if innovation and technology are at the heart of your business, then every element should incorporate technology. Our recent work for Caspak Packaging shows this.

At A1 Office we empower companies’ potential by using informed design and a cultural shadowing process  to build lasting, long-term solutions. We have moved beyond the physical workspace. We bring innovative technology, business strategy, and employee empowerment processes to any type of workplace – whether a physical space, a remote team, or a combination of both.

“The designer does not begin with some preconceived idea. Rather the idea is a result of careful study and observation” – Paul Rand

If knowledge is power; then applied knowledge is power in action. We use extensive data to create an intuitive space and empower those who reside in them.

When designing a ‘future proof’ workspace – either physical or remote – knowledge is power. Our designers begin with extensive shadowing and cultural research. Well before the design process commences, they devise your intelligent new solutions through the documentation and revision of data. This method gathers data on the unique workings and culture of your business, providing insight into how best to empower the space.  

“Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs

Design is purposeful, deliberate, and devised to achieve an outcome. We create a flexible space very deliberately, designed for your company’s development over a given timeframe. We build it with these questions in mind: how will you and your staff best serve your marketplace, and how to interact internally compared with how you act externally.

Many clients ask A1 Office to consult on their growth strategies. Our expert consultants understand both where the client wants to go and what they’re planning in the long-term. Over time most spaces need to change: catering for new ventures, an evolving culture and, of course, business growth. We develop spaces with this in mind.

“Functionality, productivity and potential go first: with that in mind, the design allows for the space to change as business needs do.”Jared Wade A1 Office CEO.

Thomas Watson once said “good design is good business,” a sentiment that couldn’t be more true. 

Long leases that don’t allow for a company’s growth, toxic corporate cultures, and failing technology: these consequences are just some examples we see, in businesses who can’t objectively prepare for the future.

Workspace design is essential for your company’s ongoing success. In this unprecedented shift towards a more flexible workspace; the design including technology, culture and leadership is vital to the continued success of your business.  

We recommend talking to one of our expert consultants before you and your business experience the cost of bad design.


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