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5 Hidden Benefits of a Sustainably Designed Workspace

“I hope for a world where sustainability is the norm – not the exception.” – Design Director Dana Moussaoui.

Innovative, sustainably designed and eco-friendly workspaces are good for the planet, the inhabitants and future generations. Yet, many businesses don’t consider sustainability to be a priority in their workspace design, often because they don’t understand the real benefits of sustainable design. So, we at A1 Office have put together five not-so-obvious benefits of sustainable workspace design and construct:

Attract Like-minded talent 

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together – and there’s nothing more empowering than having a team of like-minded individuals all working towards a common goal. Companies that stand for issues and drive change will be considered highly desirable to potential employees who also feel strongly about these causes. There is a certain power evident when a team who share the same values come together to work on a common project. 

Stand for something 

Having a sustainable workspace design shows that you care about environmental issues, and your employees may view your business as a caring and friendly place to work. Studies have found employers enjoy greater staff engagement, retention, productivity, reputation and social impact in a workspace that stands for a cause.

Reducing waste (and increasing profit)

Small purchases that when added up, significantly reduce profit and can be avoided in a sustainable business model. Small things like going paperless or adding energy-efficient light bulbs to your office have the power to create some wiggle room in your budget. Alternatively, thinking big like installing solar panels to power your office could increase profit significantly in the long term.

Healthier environment

Sustainable workplaces inherently use elements of natural lighting and clean air to create beautiful workspaces. Natural lighting manages circadian rhythms, in turn, influencing performance and mood while clean air is vital for cardiac conditions, asthma and improves physical performance and well-being. Having these natural elements creates a healthier environment for all inhabitants. 

Sustainable office buildings involve the use of renewable energy, reducing their carbon footprint and reducing operational costs. Workplaces of the future will lean towards sustainable workplace design, creating green office spaces that will recreate the way that we work.

Innovation and creativity

The best way to lead is by example, so, if your business values creativity and innovation then it’s worth considering that actions speak louder than words. The transition into sustainability involves creating new systems, processes and equipment that can achieve your objectives. Of course, this uses innovation and creativity demonstrating to your employees your vision for the future.

The beauty of design lies in its capacity to meet a need, solve a problem or fulfil a purpose. This principle is at the heart of our approach to generating custom-made outcomes that will support your team to thrive. At A1 Office we believe in future-proofing your workspace using innovative technology and smart architecture to create a sustainable workspace where you can achieve your goals. In other words, we’re in the business of making business simple and sustainable.

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