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Meet the A1 Office Dogs

A1 Office’s dogs just got official titles 


Throughout the pandemic and first lockdown of 2020, the A1 Office staff quickly rose to the challenge of working from home. Our staff wholeheartedly embraced this new reality, and excelled in their work. In the midst of this new working situation, management soon realised that we had gained seven new hires with some extraordinary talents. A1 Office’s furry new friends helped boost team morale and brought a little colour to our new work situation. Providing some much-needed funny stories and interesting Zoom meetings, we at A1 Office are proud to award these hard-working dogs their new company titles. 


Elvis – Demolition Engineer.

Elvis is what some would consider an demolition prodigy. At just 6 months old, Elvis followed his passion for chewing; finishing his first ever demolition project. His first piece of work was simple, yet powerful. Much to the dismay of his owner – Head of Joinery, Allan Jones – Elvis chewed through their plaster wall, all the way through to the internal corner angle. Elvis proudly showed off this masterpiece to his human, who was so upset he took photos to share with the office. Elvis is now A1 Office’s Demolition Engineer.





Cherry – Kitchen Supervisor.

Cherry is a woman of few words; her owner, Ivan Pashutin, has only heard Cherry bark two or three times in her life. At 6 years old, she is 

a kind and friendly spirit who brings a smile to everyone she meets. Cherry is passionate about food; she can often be found ‘supervising’ her owners while they eat. Congratulations Cherry, for following your dreams and becoming our Kitchen Supervisor!





Ayla – Director of Mess Development.

Ayla has a quirky and loving spirit who enjoys a fast-paced life. Alya can often be found napping in the daytime, but also loves sprinting hot laps at the park in her free time.

Our new Director of Mess Development, Alya has earnt this title from her love of chewing. Her Human, Briallen, reports that Ayla’s passion for mess development began after destroying her favourite pair of $200 shoes.





Saxon and Zeus – Human Resource Representatives.

Recently, their human Alison went out for the day. Saxon and Zeus noticed they were locked out of the house. They had very important Human Resource work to do inside, and so  creatively found a way to break into their home through chewing the fly wire screen and sneaking in an unused door . As a result, they managed to complete their work: ripping apart a pair of thongs, a wheat pack and a mattress protector. Good job boys! This father-son duo thrived in the COVID-19 lockdown enjoying all the attention from their home-bound humans. While working from home, they enjoyed daily walks and spending time with family. Our new HR Representatives do very thorough work; they are very attentive to human needs, and have the ability to find creative solutions to any problem.



Jasper – Director of Quality Control and Brand Ambassador.

As a young Border Collie, Jasper loves a good nap and he’s just so adorable doing so. His gorgeous blue eyes and excitable nature make him the perfect poster dog for A1 Office – he’s just so cute! Yet under his beauty lies an eye for detail and a strong work ethic that make him the ideal Quality Control Officer. His human is Design Director Dana Moussaoui so Jasper is often in beautiful spaces and backgrounds, and he knows quality when he sniffs it. Even at his young age, we know Jasper will excel at being our Director of Quality Control and Brand Ambassador.



Billy – Senior Business Developer Manager

Billy is a huge fan of licking strangers, chasing possums and pouncing on anything that moves, including small animals and business opportunities.  With a lovable nature and a fondness for food, it’s hard to believe that Billy is an old man – aged 14. Billy’s age comes with wisdom as he understands what life’s all about; eat, sleep, play, repeat. Billy once took on a brown snake he found in the backyard! Thankfully his human and A1 Office Director Peter O’Reilly was nearby to prevent a dog Vs snake fight scenario; although Billy says he protected his human well. We are not sure who saved who, however Billy’s tenacity and confidence in the face of an immediate threat makes him the perfect Senior Business Development Manager.



Kobe – Junior Security Officer.
Our new Head of Security, Kobe, may look ferocious; but we can assure you, he’s one beautiful, gentle giant. Just 5 months old and already a whopping 30 kg, this Italian Cane Corso is one big puppy. All size and no bark, Kobe’s appearance is why he was promoted to Head of Security: but if anyone gets too close, all they’ll suffer is cuddles and slobber. Lots of slobber. Congratulations Kobe on becoming our Junior Security Officer!






Matty – Head of Horticulture and Workplace Wellbeing. 

If there’s one thing Matty loves more than anything, it’s a crisp and crunchy carrot. Matty’s owner, A1 Office Designer Jack, thinks his pooch may actually believe he’s a rabbit. As he deeply loves vegetables and constantly drops trails of carrots to share with everyone. Matty’s loving nature and constant search for pats and attention ensures he lifts the spirits of those around him, so he’s a natural for increasing workplace wellbeing and morale.
Congratulations Matty on becoming the Head Of Horticulture and Workplace Wellbeing.




Simba and Stevie: Head of Security and Brand Guardians.

Maremmas Stevie and Simba are A1 Office’s Head of Security and Brand guardians, always protecting the image of the business and ensuring the brand message gets to those who need to hear it. The twins are also often out looking for opportunities – each looking in every direction. Fiercely loyal and loving towards A1 Office and ferocious to our competition and any intruders; twins Stevie and Simba have different strengths in their security and branding duties. Stevie uses her intelligence to press business forward, while Simba (dim sum, or Dimmy) uses all power and strength to bowl over any market force that does not align. They’re protective of the business and its staff – often training Junior Security Kobe and overtaking his duties when Kobe needs a nap. Congratulations Simba and Stevie on your roles as Head of Security and Brand Guardians!



Puppy Gracie – Office Intern

Full of inquisitive energy and joyful vibes, our office intern Grace is A1 Office’s youngest furry friend. At just 4 months old, Puppy Grace knows her attention span needs some work, yet quickly forgets this fact. We’re yet to discover what talents she brings to the team or even where she’d be best suited, but given her recent protection of our valuable Sales Leader Damian Potter – the word is she’s likely headed to security training under Maremma’s strict supervision. Puppy Grace is looked after by Business Development Manager Trinity, although early signs show a role in business may not suit her. Many staff believe Grace’s demeanor would be better suited to demolition. Only time will tell.

Trinity – Sales Development Manager
All eyes, ears and snout; the dedicated ridgeback Trinity is A1 Office’s best Sales Development Manager as she sniffs out great deals and wards away from wary ones. This is not surprising given her human is Sales Leader Damian. Trinity has an incredible jump in her, like her sales goals she aims for the stars and always lands on her feet. Her agility, great reasoning and protective manner ensures she never misses a beat. Being so observant led Trinity to be the overseer of puppy Gracie, ensuring she doesn’t get in too much trouble.


We are thrilled for all the promotions that have happened this week, and would like to thank all A1 Office Dogs for their efforts of comfort and support during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Looking for an office dog and not sure what breed to choose? Read our article: ‘The Top five office dogs… and why we love them.’ At A1 Office we find creative ways to improve employee wellbeing, productivity, and company culture. Contact us today to learn more.




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