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Ergonomic Furniture: How Feel-Good is Great for Bodies and Business

People are the core of what makes businesses successful and it’s critical they operate in a comfortable and physically supportive environment. The best way to ensure this is by having  ergonomic office furniture, because to empower potential you need to ensure the most basic necessities of your team are supplied.

In addition to their physical surroundings, your team’s goals, motivations and inspirations will drive them to succeed in their careers. Employees who are satisfied in their workplace are more productive, motivated and produce a higher standard of work. Many studies support this including the University of Oxford that found ‘happy workers’ are 13% more productive. Yet this is a cultural challenge as well as a physical one. 

It’s also clear unsatisfied employees are bound to cost your organisation with increased sick days, less diligent work and lower morale. From a cultural perspective, employees who experience this due to working conditions, the management or other controllable business areas are a risk. So employee satisfaction is vital to the success of your organisation.

The physical workspace has the power to directly influence this happiness and given we spend on average one-third of our lives at work, it’s important to note that many of us do this while usually sitting in the same position, with minimal breaks. One-third of your life spent like this has the power to drastically impact your health if the workstation is not accommodating. While working from home, research suggests your employees are sitting more than they would at work and have fewer breaks. This also impacts their health, as they are not moving around as frequently. 

Health consequences of sitting for too long in poor conditions can result in chronic problems such as back pain, muscle pain and obesity as well as negatively influencing mental health. Recent studies have shown that on average one should aim to stand for 30 minutes per hour for vital health benefits. This is where an adjustable standing ergonomic desks can be handy to carefully nudge employees to alternate between sitting and standing positions. 

Many employees spend over half of their waking hours sitting down, and with the popularity of remote working, individuals are sitting now more than ever. Back issues are on the rise with lower back pain being the biggest cause of disability across the globe. Ergonomic chairs can be a great tool to improve back health. Please be aware not all ergonomic chairs are created equal. Low-quality chairs making bold claims at expensive prices need to ensure you’re picking the right model for you. 

If you’re looking for ergonomic furniture, get in contact about our home office ergonomic packages. At A1 Office, we are experts in employee empowerment, transforming workspaces and empowering potential so you can achieve your business goals. 

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