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Empowering Employee Potential Part Two

Improving Effectiveness

Effective (defined): being successful in producing a desire or intended result. 

This is part 2 of our Empowering Potential Series, and after working with many organisations over the past 30 years, we know what works across all types of businesses. Empowerment has many definitions in different areas of life. When it comes to empowering employee potential, there are still various associations with the word depending on whether you are an employee or a business. However, there are a few common similarities between the two that can enhance your employees’ effectiveness. Below are some guidelines that we’ve collected, that when addresses can help to empower the effectiveness of employees. 

1. Supportive Culture 

Teamwork Building

Good collaboration leads to sustainable productivity and success. This collaboration stems from healthy communication and feedback. Having a productive team in the office doesn’t happen by chance. It takes effort to bring everyone together and to work towards a common goal. Every person has to make an effort to become an efficient member of the team. Hosting casual get-togethers for the team is a great way to start this habit. Office parties, group activities (paintball, painting etc.) or even dinner events is a great way to create a team spirit. When new people join the team, go above and beyond to make them feel welcome to keep this high morale going. 

Another way to ensure a cohesive team is to find an ideal form of communication for everyone. Some organisations may use tools such as email or phone, but it’ll be a learning process to find out how each employee replies the quickest. Some may reply to Slack messages first, others emails, and for those busy bees – a quick phone call may get you your answers fastest. 

Encourage Self-Care

An employee that is well taken care of is productive. Encouraging employees to take care of themselves goes hand in hand with caring about tasks and projects. Offering beneficial self-care courses is one way to make sure employees are on top of this. Stress relief or time management courses can help them learn to alleviate everyday stress, manage time and other self-care techniques.


Another way to create high morale in the office is to recognise employee accomplishments. Employees like to know that their hard work is appreciated. A gesture like this can boost their confidence – so take the time to highlight these achievements and peoples strong points regularly. 

2. Setting solid boundaries 

Optimise Emails

Having a set time for emailing each day can alleviate stress on office workers. Instructing employees to select a time window each day for emails (could be after lunch, first thing in the morning or just before they head off) is one way to reduce stress and increase productivity (as they aren’t waiting for instructions). 

Keep emails concise, so there are minimal questions about tasks and employees can dive straight in. Another no-go is emailing at night, as this can cause stress and cut into home time. To remove this extra anxiety and increase performance during office hours, try to email around working hours.

Optimise Meetings

Yearly, office employees spend around 87 hours per month in various meetings, resulting in a $37 billion loss last year alone. To reduce this number, try emailing instead of holding countless meetings. It’s a faster way to get information to employees and provides them with a written set of instructions to refer back to when needed. 

3. Improved working conditions

Office surroundings

Plants help create a natural feel to an office, and having the added cleanliness to the air can create a cleaner environment. Plants can also make employees feel more comfortable as they aren’t in a lifeless environment, which makes them feel more productive

Certain colours in an office can affect the mood or tone of the environment. White walls are stark and reflect the harsh lights. Colour theories suggest that: Red helps with detail-oriented tasks – so having red furniture or statements can boost this. Green helps motivate, so having plants around can motivate employees and blue boosts creativity – so add in some splashes of different blues around if creativity is what you need.

Happy employees = a happy workplace. So be sure to create a safe and welcoming environment for staff and see the results boom. At A1 Office, we are experts in employee health, transforming workspaces and empowering potential so you can achieve your goals. If you are looking for other ways to improve your employees’ effectiveness, get in touch to hear about your options. 

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