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Famous Workplace Cats

We hear a lot about dogs in the workplace, with their happy energetic energy keeping workers upbeat all day long. But not too often do we hear about cats in the workplace that have saved businesses. Below are five of our favourite feline heroes who excelled at their jobs from across the globe.


Wellington Business Cat

Mittens is a Turkish Angora who has become a Wellington celebrity for his extensive 2km daily walks throughout the city’s business district.

Source: Cats on Catnip

He rose to fame after being caught wandering through various businesses including churches, tattoo parlours, universities, the post office and office towers.

He has become a bit of a social celebrity, raking up 30,000 followers on his Facebook group where his every move is tracked. The adventurous cat does have an owner, Silvio Bruinsma, but is a local celeb that tourists and locals alike are excited to catch out in the wild. 

On 22nd May 2020, Mittens was given the Key to the City of Wellington, as well as being the subject of an exhibition at Wellington Museum and a candidate for New Zealander of the year in August 2020.

His wanderings bring tourists and locals to the business district daily, and it could be said that he’s helping the economy of Wellington with every 2km he wanders around.

Mayor Stubbs

Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska 

He reigned with a light paw and a loyal following,” Local says.

While Stubbs didn’t have much of a tail (hence his name), he did have a lot of notoriety in Talkeetna. Despite being a stray, Stubbs got a hold of the title of Mayor of Talkeetna and quickly became the town’s favourite feline. In the business’ he frequented the owners were asked often “Where’s the Mayor?” or come in saying “I have an appointment with the Mayor”. 

Source: Meowingtons

Like Mittens, Stubbs brought in tourists to this small historical district in Alaska. On their way to attractions, tourists would go out of their way to meet the Feline Mayor for a photo op. His owners used their business as his mayoral office during his tenure – drawing in hundreds of tourists his first year. 

According to legend, Stubbs came into power as a write-in election after residents were unhappy with the human candidates for Mayor that year. In reality, Talkeetna has no mayor because it is a historical district with 900 residents. Despite this, Stubbs holds the one and only title of Mayor the district has ever had.  His duties include wandering around the town, drinking catnip-laced water from margarita glasses and taking naps anywhere he can.


Assistant Librarian at Novorossiysk Library in Russia

Kuzya is a stray cat from Russia who works in the Novorossiysk Children’s Library. Wandering off the street one day, he decided he liked where he was – making the library his new home. In 2013 he was promoted from Library cat to Assistant Librarian because he was doing such a good job. 

Source: Love Meow

He has an uncanny ability to look cute and fluffy – compelling the owners to take him in. After arching his back and smooching children’s legs he was able to secure food and a warm place to spend winter days.

Because he was a stray, he lacked the proper documentation to be kept in a public space. His new uniform includes a bow tie and he received actual documentation that the staff worked to get, to allow him to stay in the library full time. Kuzya now has a cat passport and an ID chip, along with his shots to make sure he could be around the children. 

With Kuzya as the newest employee, the Library saw a significant increase in patrons. As it turned out, people would come for the cat but stay for the book lending service. Once he was promoted to Assistant Librarian he received many perks. This included: 30 packs of cat food a month, bonus cat treats from staff and visitors and his signature bow tie.


Member of the Kyoto Police Department 

Source: Pets Lady

Another curious stray that wandered onto the job is Lemon. He wandered into the Kyoto Police 

Department one day, obviously drawn by a calling to serve and protect his community. He now wears his little uniform and goes on calls with the other officers at Kyoto’s Yoro Station, and helps to put witnesses at ease with his fluffy nature. His official title is Lemon the therapy aid cat, so lemonaid for short.

Nowadays, he accompanies detectives when they visit elderly and young victims. While he may not be able to apprehend any of the criminals, Lemon helps the victims relax so they can recall useful information that can assist the investigations.


Stationmaster head of Kishi Train Station in Japan (retired in 2015)

In 2004, Kishi Train Station nearly shut down due to financial problems. But after staying afloat for a few more years the station adopted a stray cat and her brothers named Tama and Miiko & Chibi. They don’t run the place obviously, but they do lie around the station wearing little train conductor uniforms – which is just as hard as conducting itself. 

Source: CNN Travel

The popularity of Stationmaster Tama and his assistants brought life back to the station, making it a huge tourist attraction. The station, which is also conveniently shaped like a cat, was brought back from the ashes and attract visitors from all over Japan. Nitama is the weekend Stationmaster, who later succeeded Tama when she retired. Tama’s job is to greet passengers and she got paid with free cat food. 

Millions of people now travel on the little Kishigawa line, and Tama is estimated to have contributed more than $13 million to the local economy in 2007 alone. Tama was promoted to Super Stationmaster in 2008, from her booming success in the previous year. She was then promoted to Ultra Stationmaster years later and has since retired.

Dogs get a lot of love in the office space, so we thought we should shout out some workplace cats and all the hard work they’ve done. These famous felines show us just how beneficial they can be in the right environments, especially with their laid back, cuddly nature. Having a quiet presence is sometimes all you need to work, and we understand that at A1 Office, so sign up for our newsletter to hear more about what else you can do to improve your workplace.

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