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Top 3 things that inspire collaboration within your team

Trust is something that takes time to build and can take a moment to break. Coordinating a team to collaborate on shared goals and vision can be difficult. There is no one size fits all approach to building and maintaining collaboration, especially within a corporate environment. Once a team has trust, collaboration comes naturally. Yet it is a fundamental component to all human relationships, including working relationships between employees and managers, bosses and coworkers. Without collaboration, you can not inspire:

1. Purpose

When another person behaves in a way that doesn’t align with your values, attitudes, perceptions or beliefs, it can lead to discomfort. This is a psychological term called Cognitive Dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance can occur in workplaces that fail to uphold a strong purpose or core values or hire employees that aren’t in line with your company’s vision. When this occurs, it can lead to declining quality of collaboration between team members.

To inspire collaboration within your employees, find a purpose for your business, create a group of set values, only hire employees in line with this vision and above all else, with every business decision ask yourself; is this in line with our purpose and values?

2. Engagement 

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organisation and its goals. Employee engagement and collaboration go hand in hand. For an employee to engage in an emotional commitment, they must feel they will be supported, valued and rewarded for achieving organisational goals. Often businesses with the lowest employee engagement are companies that have failed to earn trust within their teams. 

3. Resilience

The ability of a leader to overcome challenges and setbacks effectively reflects in their teams’ collaboration. In the current climate, resilience is more important than ever. Leaders should foresee disruptions and proactively be updating plans to handle an ever-changing landscape. Doing this will combat the impact of incidents on revenue, brand, and customer trust. This can show unity within a team, creating more opportunities for collaboration and an overall more trustworthy working space. Furthermore, they too will be more resilient and adaptable in their work to overcome challenges.

Now is the time to innovate to inspire resilience, collaboration and longevity for your business. Inspiring trust within a team is the best way to bring together a collaborative team. To do this, a company must create a safe and inviting environment for these employees to work within. The result? An empowered workforce who is clear on the company’s purpose, actively engaged and believes the business is resilient. 

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