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COVID-19 Office Checklist

How we work continues to change each year, and the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. The way we experience the workplace is now changing, so we have put together a checklist to ensure that your workspace handles this changing environment effectively.

1. Government Compliance

Ensure that you are compliant with government recommendations and policies that apply to your workspace. Click here for the WHO’s recommendations for offices or click here for Safe Work’s regulations. Your workplace may have specific guidelines to follow, so it’s important to follow up with your supervisor to ensure you are within regulations. 

2. Social Distancing

Ensure that your workspace has accounted for the government’s social distancing requirements, and be sure to utilise communication plans. Helping to limit your employees stress over time so they can get used to their new office life. Planning out which desks are available each day is one way for managers to implement social distancing. While also ensuring all used workspaces can be cleaned in-between uses.

3. Space

Identify the need to re-engineer the workspace to suit guidelines. Make a mental note of where most of your traffic is in the office. As well as how the space is used – or not being used. Doing this can help to uncover ways to improve your space in a more COVID-safe way. Maximise the space you have, and use it in a way for everyone involved to get the most out of their day.

4. Hygiene

Ensure all workspaces are being cleaned regularly, to limit the spread of germs. Decluttering the workspaces and ensuring minimal points of communal contact are vital to reducing the risk of transmission in the workspace. Provide disinfectant wipes to use within an office to clean personal items and desktops. Make sure to provide all bathrooms with sufficient supplies as well to ensure maximum hygiene procedures are followed.

5. Technology and Infrastructure

Implementing technology that reduces the risk of COVID-19, such as QR codes or check-in systems. Then, collect the data on high traffic areas to track the movements of people and visitors throughout the space. New communication technology such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype may be required to connect with your remote workers. Your business may also look at building COVID safe infrastructures such as contactless buttons and sensor light switches. 

6. Effective management of change

Ensure there is a single and unilateral business plan to effectively implement COVID safe protocols within your workplace. This helps your employees understand why the changes are being made in the workspace, and be able to report to one person with any questions they may have. This should be the responsibility of an individual or the leadership team, to reduce confusion and allow employees to feel confident in how their office is going to work from now on. 

7. Communication

Appoint one person as the point of contact for all information and questions regarding the changes within the workforce and their routines. This makes it easier for employees to know where to go if they are concerned about COVID-19 procedures in your workplace. Helping them overcome any challenges and ease the switch from remote to office working.

Following these guidelines will ensure your workspace is on its way to being COVID safe, and prevent any spread throughout the office. At A1 Office, safety is a high priority, so making sure your staff and being staff during these times is important. Sign up for our newsletter for more information about how to create the most effective and productive office space you can.

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