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Office Design Trends Coming in 2022

As we head into the new year it’s time to start reflecting on how our offices will function given the changes in the workplace during these last few years. New styles and themes always cycle around however, which styles will hit the mark for the new office era in 2022? It’s that time of year when we start to look at how to create the most productive and stimulating offices for staff and clients alike. 

In 2022, functionality and aesthetics will come together to form the new trends for office spaces. Open-plan offices, those with several connected zones that are free-flowing to create an airy workspace for employees to move through are becoming increasingly popular. Often there’s a lot of thought behind the placement of furniture, ensuring it is grouped so that different employee departments are close and connected. The focus for 2022 office trends is functionality, connection and openness. 

Modern Style

Large open spaces and fostering areas of connection is at the core of the modern workspace entering into 2022. Paired tables are on the rise, to connect employees in open spaces. Having two employees placed opposite each other creates a more connected space – where individuals aren’t facing away from everyone, which can lead to isolation. It’s important however to create a division for some sort of privacy block, one with fabrics that can assist with noise reduction of the space. 

Sustainable Style

Sustainability is a growing trend in all aspects of business,  and natural elements such as wood and greenery are an ever-popular choice for a timeless look. Large panoramic windows are trending to give the greatest amount of natural light, and this is often a preference over LED lights and a more sustainable option too. 

Natural elements are the trending styles expected in 2022 so it’s no surprise that neutral beige and wood tones will be dominating. Bright colours can be used as an accent to incorporate the company’s colour palette and branding with these neutrals. Landscapes out the windows should be taken into consideration when deciding on colour palettes – as these can complement each other to make a more cohesive and flowing office space. 

Neutral Palettes with Pops of Colour 

The main colour palette of beige and browns is a choice we’ve seen time and time again – creating a respectable and versatile look in your workspace with the ability to add pops of colour. If your office is going for the natural and classic style – this palette is suited to you, matching any predominately white furniture, cream or natural woody tones. These shades tend to correlate with environmentally friendly designs, so pairing plants around the office will tie the colours in to create a natural oasis, making any pops of colour (be it signage, artwork or decore) really stand out. 

Natural Wood & Black Accents

For a more classic style wood decor and black accents is a no brainer. This high-end industrial and chic look is becoming popular with many warehouse-type conversion spaces often found in inner suburbs. Offices that are aiming for a spacious and ‘free’ feeling office go with caramel shades of brown to brighten the space and contrast with the black accents. 


Breakout areas have been on the rise the past few years and with good reason given the change in the workspace environment, but if you are wanting to stick to the open-plan offices, adding partition walls to break up the space is an excellent way to create those breakout areas without isolating employees. Adding glass inserts with a mirror effect for a private area that doesn’t cut off the office space is one way to add partitions. 


For something a little different, research done by Neuroscience Marketing showed that aromatherapy can be used to boost business success. The research showed that there are three vital fragrances you should consider adding to your office space. Freshly baked items – to increase peace of mind and confidence. Coffee – to conclude business and enhance sales. And finally, Cinnamon – for better brain activity and creativity. They also all have an anti-stress impact which is great for an office environment. 

At A1 Office, we are dedicated to transforming workspaces and providing the office that works best for your staff. If you’re looking for more inspiration for your 2022 workspace or aren’t sure where to start, contact one of our consultants today. 


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