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Creating Clear Company Culture for Remote Workers

COVID-19 has presented us with new and exciting opportunities to blend work and life – forever changing the work landscape and providing unique challenges to workplace culture. A company’s culture is defined by shared values, goals, attitudes and practices. 


It’s important to note that a company’s culture is not entirely curated but is a naturally occurring phenomenon and often reflects the values of the organisation’s leadership. Having a clearly defined set of values can assist a company in supporting a positive environment and culture – especially if your team is included in creating those values. 


Yet have you ever stopped to think about how remote work has affected company culture? It’s great to have a list of values or words that define your culture, but it’s essential to document what you hope the culture can become in the future with a remote team. This reference makes sure that your values are clear and transparent for the whole team.

The benefits of creating company values and culture into a clear document include:

1. Uniting Remote Workers

Having a remote/distributed team means the culture will be more complex for new team members to grasp when there is no (or minimal) face to face time with everyone. Creating these values into a straightforward document that dictates what the expectations are, how performance is measured.

2. Assess New Employees

Assessing new employees for your company culture can be very difficult given the brief times you meet an employee before hiring; however, clarifying this is helpful. Before hiring, assess new employees for culture fits and anything else worth mentioning to ensure that these new additions will foster the culture you’ve created.

3. Fostering connections

A remote team will either flourish or fail depending on the communication methods used within an agency. Promoting healthy communication is one way to encourage it. Scheduling these weekly to cover what everyone’s working on and any details people need to communicate that open and safe for anyone to express and foster connections. 


It’s important to note that this document isn’t a one-time thing. The company culture document should be constantly assessed as the company grows and changes with time. 


Supporting a remote team culture can be rewarding, as you can see your staff flourish. If handled properly, you will see your company culture take a positive turn. We are always looking for ways to improve employee engagement and well-being through companies’ work. If you’d like to learn more about incorporating remote team culture into your workplace, get in touch with us today. 


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