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Home Office Trends 2022

Working from home is slowly becoming a viable part-time option for employees in the post-pandemic world. The global pandemic of COVID-19 that defined much of 2020 and 2021 has meant that home office spaces have become part of many households worldwide. Just as any other room in a house, it needs to be functional, supportive to work needs and fit the aesthetic of the rest of the house. 


If you currently work from home, either full time or within a hybrid model, that means you need a space adapted to your preferences. Organising your home office allows you to be creative, combining the latest trends with elements of your personal style and incorporating practicality to ensure the space that suits your working needs. 


You will likely spend a lot of time in this space – so opting for a productive environment that’s nice to be in is the ultimate goal here. We’ve put together seven home office trends for you to mix and match to create your perfect space. 



Consider the following design choices if you’re looking to stick to the classics for your home office. Rich textures, such as wood and leather, are recommended to warm tones. Symmetrical settings and balanced furniture add a luxurious feel to your space – and complement the previously mentioned textures. Simple and elegant fixtures, such as art or wall hangings, match this office style well – with the main focal point being the desk. 



Sustainability and eco-consciousness have emerged as major factors in design for the past few years. This is the perfect chance to impact nature while working from home. Natural elements such as light and fresh air bring an ambience of calmness to a workspace. Opt for woods, glass and metal to bring raw materials to your space. If you’re struggling for colours, consider neutral greens, browns and blues to create a fresh atmosphere. Bring in natural light by placing your focal point towards a window to let in daylight – avoiding thick blinds that block out light. Indoor plants are another easy way to bring in freshness and colour to brighten up a neutral environment – read more about the type of plants you need in your office space. 



Are you looking for sharp lines and bold contrasts? Look no further than the Scandinavian style. Nature-inspired materials such as light woods, glass and metals contrast nicely with bold colours and eclectic decor. Rich/Maximalist decor contrasts with any plain or classic furniture you may have to draw your eye around the room. Bold colours for walls or accents are encouraged – black and white saved for trimmings to ensure against the clashing of colours. 


Art Deco Recurrence 

Art Deco is back in 2022, and we couldn’t be happier. If you’re looking for a luxurious look with balanced contrasts and natural themes, then you’re in the right place. Neutral and dark colours complement each other in this space, so go for various colours. Extravagant lamps, large tables and armchairs are the go for this home office. Matching all this with reflective textures – such as mirrors, glass, and crystals- will help tie all the colours and surfaces together. 


Nothing beats Neutral

If you’re struggling with your colour palette – stick around. Colour plays an essential role in the productivity of your work. Bright colours should be avoided if you’re not set on a specific palette – and can be replaced not to overwhelm the interior. We should stress that black is also an important choice to consider for accents and features within your space. Popular shades for home offices in 2022 include white, soft green, baby blue, earthy browns and dusty pink. 


Lighting your Space

Within a small space such as a home office, lighting is essential in making it functional. It should be noted that if you’ve gone for a specific theme, try and create lighting around this (e.g. vintage lamps, natural light etc.). Take into account floor lamps in your recreational areas, ceiling fixtures to illuminate the room, as well as complete lighting for your workspace (via table/desk lamps). 


Functionality First

When designing your home office – ensure functionality is at the core of your design process. There is ample desk space to utilise, lighting to see everything, shelves for storage, cupboards, and drawers to put things out of sight. There is no way of applying functionality other than starting with your furniture choices. Consider the space, areas, light, technology you need and design around all of this to create the most practical use of the room. 

These seven trends are the most common we’ve seen emerging in 2022, with many more to pop up in the coming months. Whatever design you decide to go with is entirely up to you – but your functionality and productivity must come first. If you want to know more about home office spaces and how to design the perfect one for you, click here or here, or sign up for our newsletter.

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