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The 5 signs of Expert Joinery

The devil is in the detail, and the detail is what makes or breaks quality craftsmanship when it comes to expert joinery.  

What is a Joinery?

In its simplest form – joinery is the method of connecting two or more pieces of wood. Joinery includes the simple glueing, nailing or screwing of two pieces of wood – but it can become complicated when using intricate joints. While the primary purpose of joinery is to hold wood together, it can also be used in a decorative sense. Alternatively, carpenters use tools and nails. 

Should you choose in-house joinery over solo carpenters when looking for handcrafted furniture for your space? There is a vast difference in quality, experience, and pricing between the two. Joinery is all about creating intricate, aesthetically pleasing work. 

Here are five key benefits to choosing a joiner over carpentry for your space. 

1. Made for you

There’s a distinction between creating a unique design or furniture with a joinery service instead of creating a similar design to a pre-existing work. You get complete control over your final product’s appearance, so there is no need to replicate another design when a joinery team is working with you. The team can also take care of all the plans and designs for you to sit back and relax, knowing you’re in good hands.

2. Fashion AND Functionality

When designing a space, you want functionality and design to come together to bring your ideas to life. With a joinery team on your side, it’s possible to marry these two things together to your liking, and having an in-house joinery team ensures you can come to view any work-in-progress.  

3. Cost-effective

When it comes to construction, timing is everything. Having an on-site or in-house joinery team ensures any changes to work are done swiftly, and there are no delays (which is a common occurrence with off-shore joinery teams). Integrating existing furniture with new materials is one way to freshen up an area, but it also means you don’t need to rip everything out to start again. This means you can save on costs to preserve what’s already in place and work around it. Whether it’s individually crafted cabinets, newly crafted work surfaces or a bespoke kitchen, it can all be designed to sit alongside the existing furniture of the space perfectly. 

4. Perfect Fit

While the term ‘perfect fit’ might be overused when it comes to carpentry or joinery – but that’s the reality of wooden features correctly made for the intended space. Having made-to-measure furniture/pieces means that it’ll fit perfectly in the room and prolong the life of the wood – because it’s not under any stress in an ill-fitting area.

5. Unbeatable quality

Wood is one of the most versatile materials used in construction nowadays. Working with wood in buildings requires skills different from a bricklayer or other trades. Attention to detail and quality finishings don’t happen by chance. It comes from the experience of master artisans who take pride in their work. With joinery – quality and lasting finishes is a guarantee for every client. 

The burning question is it worth it? If you’re looking for something unique and fully custom to you – the benefits of a joinery team is worth every cent. So whether you need to build or remodel a piece of furniture, cupboard, or room dividers within a fit-out, an in-house joinery team is the way. Contact us today for your custom building needs. 

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