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3 Things You Need To Know About Medical Fit-outs

The Healthcare Industry in Australia continues to grow and adapt as each year passes. Whether you are an emergency care or a local GP office – your medical office relies on its design to function effectively. Functionality is vital for medical offices and centres  – ensuring you have the most effective fit-out for your service improves the safety and care of patients and staff. 

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a clinic is often the idea of a cold, sterile environment, void of colour, personality or comfort. When a clinic has a suffocating atmosphere, how can it expect the patients to feel welcome and comfortable? To avoid this, here are the three things you need to know when starting a Medical Clinic Fit-out.

Fit for Purpose

A medical clinic needs to include at least one consulting room for every clinician at the clinic. While clinic spaces within a medical office are fit for purpose, ensure that all other rooms are comfortable and spacious. Think about what kind of machinery and tools you need within each room, where the power is located for such machinery and if the space will have enough room to move around comfortably. 

One of the most important aspects of a medical clinic is ensuring that everything runs as smoothly and quickly as possible, including back -up power and resources in emergency cases. When there isn’t proper room for equipment or movement, it slows down the inhabitants, and over time this builds up.

Another benefit of experiencing a proper medical fit-out is that it enhances the clinic’s atmosphere – so visitors feel more confident and comfortable with the medical professionals helping them. It is crucial to ensure that patients don’t feel trapped and stressed due to the inefficient medical operations caused by ill-equip and poorly designed rooms.  


Different rooms have different needs within a medical clinic. The waiting room should have a lot of care put into the design process. It is the first point of contact your visitors have with your service – so they need to be warm, comfortable and entertaining. 

Start by thinking about what kind of lighting you want. Fluorescent overhead lighting can be harsh and clinical – so incorporating as much natural light as possible is recommended. In places where natural light won’t reach, consider warm-toned lighting to avoid eye strain or headaches that fluorescent lighting often induces.

Other aspects include the type of seating you’ll have – what level of comfort are you looking for? Do you want individual chairs or couches? What kind of fabric suits your space best? Things like toys or other items to stimulate children while waiting are another thing to think about – this kind of space can be stressful for young children and those with anxiety. So adding in some screens with things like music videos or educational programs can keep them occupied. Magazines and access to water should also be available for those waiting. Make the space feel as homely and comfortable as possible to reduce any stress the patient may already have.

Optimising Space

When working with a set amount of space, it’s essential to consider utilising it best. Rooms such as clinical rooms or waiting areas may require some level of privacy. In this case, dividers are great for absorbing sounds and offering a private area for the patient. This way, you still get the open flowing feeling of a space without having concrete dividers – giving some flexibility to your space. 

To get the most out of every room and its atmosphere, features like temperature controls, soundproofing, and lighting are critical for patients’ and employees’ comfort and needs. These are small but subtle changes you can make to these rooms that immensely improve the patients’ comfort. 

At A1 Office, we have helped design medical clinics that are fit for purpose, optimise the space and are made with visitors and patients front of mind. If you would like to look at some of our past works, you can look at Compass Medical, Central Melbourne Specialists and Collins Urology. If you’re eager to get started on a medical fit-out, contact our team here.

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