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The Value Of Joinery In An Office Fitout

When it comes to quality spaces, details matter – and none matter more than the joinery. The joinery work is the unseen quality that is so obvious when it’s done poorly, yet invisible and ‘felt’ when it’s done well. High quality, discreet, functional and beautifully crafted joinery is the key that makes a workspace feel functional and once experienced, it cannot be done without.

Committing to a workspace fitout means committing to a cultural refresh for your office. Design and functionality come together to create a custom workspace that has the power to motivate, empower and inspire the employees that work within it. 

The process of an office fitout enables businesses to create a tailored environment where employees can thrive. That’s where the value of joinery comes in – nothing compares to custom design. When looking at joinery services, it’s important to choose an experienced team. 

Why You Should Choose Joinery Over Flatpacks 

Joinery within a fitout provides more value than flatpack pieces, especially when you consider the customisation that’s at the tip of your fingers. There are four main reasons to choose joinery services over flatpack furnishings. 

1. Clean and Purposeful Spaces

Space becomes more purposeful when there is more control over storage solutions and made-to-fit pieces. With unnecessary items stored away, there is more freedom with what is on display and making way for a cleaner aesthetic. Other things like lighting and electronics can also be incorporated into designs for a cohesive and connected space. Intelligent joinery ensures discreet positioning of functional items (cupboards, power outlets, floating shelves etc.), allowing functionality to exist cohesively with clever design. 

2. Unbeatable Quality

Creating one-of-a-kind pieces guarantees the attention to detail and quality that is lost with mass-produced products. Experience, passion and skill come together in the form of a master craftsman within joinery. Quality, tailor-made pieces add an unmatchable touch to any space, and this never goes unnoticed by staff and clients alike.

3. Impactful Pieces

With engaging custom joinery, there’s more opportunity to create unique pieces that match the branding, culture and needs of the space and business. Tailored finishings allow for a cohesive yet exclusive experience that is more effective than any mass-produced equivalent.

4. Custom Fit

A perfect fit might be promised with flatpack furnishings, but with custom joinery, this becomes a lot more literal. Custom pieces can be made to fit perfectly within any space to provide more stability and functionality and (most importantly) extend the lifespan of the wood.

Quality joinery can take the form of bookshelves, boardroom tables, fixtures, desks, storage solutions and everything in between. All these pieces are made to fit, suit and enhance the spaces they’re used in – not the other way around. 

The Quality Of Bespoke Spaces

When furnishings and finishings are made for a space, the customisation lends itself to storage, design, functionality and multi-purpose uses for each piece. Within office spaces, storage is essential. Creating nooks, cabinets and storage solutions is much easier with joinery. The art of maximising space is made simple with custom-made solutions that can be hidden, built-in or multiuse. 

Office design is unique to every business – being dictated by employee needs, company culture and personal taste. In order to seamlessly integrate into this personal style of each business, custom-made-to-fit finishings come in handy. 

Design can only go so far with mass-produced and flatpack pieces; custom joinery is that final touch your office space is missing and will set you apart from the rest. Whether you’re completing a full office fitout or just a one-room refresh, custom joinery can match the style and design of the existing office to create a seamless flow and look without compromising functionality.

As mentioned above, when wood pieces are made to fit correctly,  the lifespan of the piece is extended. Benches, cabinets and cupboards are all finishings used daily, so it’s important to ensure they are durable and going to last. 

When pieces can be custom made – there’s more opportunity to create multi-purpose spaces. This allows for more functionality within a space where it can be adapted to suit the needs at the time. Furnishings that can be flipped from booths to pods or couches to cafe-style seating give more functionality and flexibility to a space – and is only achievable with high-quality custom joinery. 

In-House Joinery Services 

At A1 Office, we conveniently house the joinery team in our expansive artisan workshop. Our skilled team of joiners are experienced in curating custom pieces and ornate creations for a range of clients. 

We are not bound by product availability, outsourced joinery or imports – so anything you can imagine, our joinery team can create. Another benefit of the in-house joinery is the ability for joiners, designers and fitout specialists to collaborate to ensure your dreams become a reality and work on-site to ensure a perfect fit every time. 

Every business has a different vision for their fitout; that’s why we work closely with our in-house joinery to create a unique and functional workspace that meets their needs, wants and desires to a tee. For more information about our joinery services, contact our helpful team today.

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