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  1. How to Create a Healthy Workspace Post COVID-19

    Posted: May 25 2020

    Returning to work is slowly occurring for many businesses, and the light at the end of the self isolation tunnel is finally in sight. However this doesn’t mean everything can go straight back to the way it was in office workspaces prior to COVID-19. What is traditionally a fairly close quarters environment for most workers […]

  2. Transforming Workspaces:
    The Everlasting Impact

    Posted: March 2 2020

    By A1 Office CEO Jared Wade. Lately I have been asked about my understanding of transforming a workspace and given that it has been a passion of mine for the last 10 years (and we have dedicated our engagement in this arena), I feel I am qualified to offer my understanding, and maybe it has […]

  3. Transformation of the month: Sustainability meets style at Visy

    Posted: May 14 2019

    A floor created from recycled bottles and custom-made vegan seating – welcome to a workspace transformation that may be dark in colour, but green by nature. When global packaging leader Visy approached A1 Office to create its new Essendon Fields base, sustainable design was at the forefront of the vision. Visy prides itself on finding […]

  4. Transformation of the month: Developing the future, inspired by the past

    Posted: March 5 2019

    A home gallery-inspired entrance, classic black and whites telling the tale of history, and depth of movement and flow to signify the present…this new refurbished headquarters is a reflection of the path to success and continued growth. This iconic Australian business began in the early 20th century and has expanded today into a leading residential […]

  5. Can office security and safety be design-friendly? Of course it can!

    Posted: December 6 2018

    From turnstiles, to wall-mounted cameras and employee access pass readers at lifts – security and safety is a highly noticeable and key feature of many an office. Until recently, security was too-often considered an add-on to many an office. Who hasn’t been in an amazing office where a fantastic painting, mural or otherwise perfect space […]

  6. Workspace transformation of the month: It’s game on at Group Four

    Posted: November 29 2018

    A Monopoly-inspired entrance, amphitheater/golf area and a beautiful kitchen fit for staff get-togethers…whoever said work isn’t meant to be fun never met the team at Group Four. Founded in 1999, Group Four is known for offering exceptional customer service and quick turnaround to builders and home buyers to make sure their new homes are built […]

  7. How much office space do you actually need?

    Posted: November 14 2018

    A1 Office Design Director: Dana Moussaoui The amount of space your business needs is often the key first decision when thinking about an office transformation. But how much floor plate you actually need may not be what you think. A1 Office Design Director Dana Moussaoui shares her expert advice about the right kind of office […]

  8. Arranging your workspace to increase natural light

    Posted: November 7 2018

    With daylight savings starting, natural light is in abundance once again. Which is a great thing for workers, as a recent study covered in the Harvard Business Review found that the number one office perk remains to be natural light. Yes, that’s basic natural light and not rows of ping pong tables or slides that […]

  9. Workspace transformation of the month: BUV

    Posted: July 10 2018

    A ‘bubble ceiling’, light and bright spaces and water-inspired flooring…no this isn’t an art hotel, but a beautiful new head office for Baptist Union of Victoria (BUV) in Melbourne. When BUV approached A1 Office for its workplace transformation, it was searching for a new home that would fill employees, volunteers and visitors with feelings of […]

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