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Technological Consulting and Auditing

Changing, dynamic and digital times require advanced technological work environments. A1 Office offers independent advisory services to large corporates, Government organisations, non-profits and the private sector. With our team's combined expertise, we ensure security and confidentiality is a top priority for our clients. Our professional consultants are experts in design, engineering, building management and technology. Our resident Solution Technologist provides simple solutions to complex problems. Independent audit reports offer invaluable insight into your building technology infrastructure, ensuring end-of-life and compliance needs are met. These reports can be provided as a professional service or consultants can act as a client representative and take it to market to obtain vendor agnostic solutions for tabling. In an increasingly complex and digital world, our dynamic Building Technology and Workspace Technology is providing innovative solutions for changing work environments.

Building Technology

Leading companies and organisations understand that Building Maintenance Systems (BMS) or Building Automation Systems (BAS) are critical for a safe, intelligent and intuitive workplaces. Given our advisory services are independent and agnostic, our building technology solutions are chosen in cooperation with building owners and facility representatives.

Workspace Technology

A seamless technology experience for all inhabitants; our Workspace Technology provides a connected environment to empower occupants with all necessary tools at their fingertips. Allow us to design your boardroom into an interactive space where technology ensures connectivity to anyone, anywhere - a global solution. Workspace technology works with the BMS to provide safe, intelligent and intuitive spaces. Be enabled by our Workspace Technology and human-centric design to take advantage of the digital workspace environment.

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