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Design: Dana Moussaoui

Wrapped in sustainability from the inside out; Caspak Packaging is an exceptional design aesthetically and environmentally.

As industry leaders in food packaging, Caspak Packaging highly regards sustainability and engaged A1 Office knowing we inherently design green. Flooded with natural light and using sustainable materials, the brief for Caspak Packaging was to ensure the outside landscape flows through to the interiors in the most sustainable manner. 

With a 335 panel, 134kw solar plant on the roof that drives their company power and vehicles, Caspak Packing operates with an exceptionally light footprint, and all interior appliances are to the highest green star rating. 

A striking timber feature greets visitors in reception, before leading upstairs to the office foyer where recyclable confetti furniture makes for a warm and inviting waiting area. Plants and natural elements are in every room; the cool navy and earthy oranges reflect the outside landscape. Sustainable finishings and furniture adorn each space, the large boardroom is spacious and receives ample natural light.

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