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Design: Dana Moussaoui

Clevertronics presents a progressive, high-end and innovative space where no detail was spared – and it shows.

As industry leaders in advanced industrial lighting and electronics, Clevertronics recognises the pivotal role of its employees and wanted an inclusive space that brought people together.

The large central staff kitchen boasts  generous amenities and a beautiful, relaxed area to foster company unity, helping form connections between people from different departments during breaks.

Our design allows for ample natural light to warm each  workspace area and blends form and function with a sleek minimalist-look with discreet cabinetry. A central boardroom is hidden behind floor-to-ceiling doors, noticeable  only by a few artistic wooden pieces: the door handles.

The spacious foyer boasts abundant room and light, and a welcoming reception area immediately captures the attention of arriving visitors, flowing to the nearby display suite. The circular display suite highlights  our engineers’ innovative and high-end skills. In a most smooth and rounded way, the suite achieves a luxurious and modern look with quality finishes.

Clevertronics is a progressive and beautifully-appointed space that supports the work of each area, from office to warehouse; the layout takes you on a journey  through their operation , from product design to testing and completion. A high-end, beautifully-appointed space from office to warehouse. 

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