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Design: Dana Moussaoui

Inspired by their innovative approach to engineering and their commitment to sustainability, Dalton Consulting Engineers (DCE) is an industry leader whose work is where intelligence meets passion, and they needed a space that reflected this ethos.

From the earliest stages of this project, sustainability was at the forefront of design. Despite that upcycling furniture and materials was more costly in recourses and financially, DCE was committed to having a green space and allowed us to design in the most sustainable manner possible. The use of sustainable materials and producing as little waste as possible from the fit-out was critical to ensuring that the build achieved a green professional and elite level workspace whilst limiting the environmental impact of the renovations.

A strong emphasis on maximising natural light was important to the space; recycled carpet and up-cycled furniture fill most areas. The flow of the areas coherently follow the building’s structure, and many plant boxes give greenery to the
indoor space.

The design process was implemented to ensure that little waste as possible was produced. Reusing carpets, glass, and even doors limited the environmental impact of the build. Dalton Consulting Engineers are proud to present their workspace to reflect their brand, a smart, sustainable and innovative group of engineers passionate about providing intelligent solutions.


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