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Design: Dana Moussaoui

Inspiring Home Offices

View the inspired private home office of Design Director Dana Moussaoui. Learn her tips for staying productive and motivated while working from home, and why it’s important to have both a functional and beautiful space.

Where have you set up your home workspace and why did you choose there?

I live and breathe design so when designing our own home – it was a no brainer to put the study at the front of the house. It attracts the morning light through a large floor to ceiling window, and allows the opportunity to feel alive first the morning.

What inspires you about your home workspace?

The beautiful artwork, people always underestimate the power of art. For example the custom landscape piece by StaceyM hanging in my home office. This special artwork transports me to a place of serenity and inspiration every time I look at it. It never grows old.

What’s currently sitting on your desk and immediate surroundings? (i.e. your home workspace essentials)

To get organised I have my beautiful An Organised Life Weekly Planner and 2020 Diary – I cannot live without them – they keep me on track and I am a bit old school, they allow me to quickly write down my creative ideas.

Of course my Glasshouse Florence Candle – takes me away, transports me to another time.

How do you work productively from home?

Just because you are at home does not mean you cannot have a beautiful environment that is also functional.

My super comfy Klober task chair is essential (ergonomics are key when you can be sitting for hours), and my sleek yet functional monitor arm that allows me to work from the laptop to large screen. Keeping everything clean yet super organised helps me be productive.

What challenges do you experience when working from home?

I’ve learnt over the years (and more so with COVID-19) to work from home as if you are at work, that means getting up on time and dressing the part. It’s challenging otherwise to switch off. But getting dressed up allows me to control my work-hard, play-hard time, and gain back my private time by simply changing my outfit.

What are you liking about working from home (if anything)?

Reconnecting with what it means to be a Supermum. I found that I am so much more resilient and hard working than I’d always made myself out to be.

I also love that I am helping save on travel time and driving – which in turn also helps the environment, given my car is not contributing to the vehicles on the road.

How do you stay creative and connected while working from home?

That’s simple – surround yourself by inspiring things, and you will be inspired.

How do you switch off at the end of the day?

I literally switch off, take myself away from the workspace, change and do something totally different. Although, as Designers can all contest – we live and breathe the profession, so switch off is not entirely possible… not when you love what you do.

Anything else you’d like us to know?

Never underestimate the power of a well thought out home study – it is empowering – whether you are at work or at home.




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