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Design: Dana Moussaoui

A smooth and seamless collision of home and office, historic and new, private and open; this is the high-end industrial workspace of Noma Consulting.

Situated within one of Melbourne’s oldest and most historic buildings, the original brick facade brilliantly highlights the modern blues, greys and oranges welcoming you in the entrance.

The interiors of Noma Consulting were inspired by their work as skilled engineers of underground tunnels, including the use of natural stone elements and a moss wall. A feature element is the hallway made like a tunnel, giving an experience of the work of the firm and running the length of the building with plenty of storage and natural wood elements.

Warm lighting throughout provides a peaceful and inviting space, with colourful cushions, books and indoor plants surrounding the raised couch and booth, creating a much-loved breakout area for staff.  The modern open-plan staff kitchen boasts custom street graffiti and is oh-so Melbourne, reminiscent of the outside laneways, coffee culture and forever progressive.

Plenty of glass ensures spaces feel large and inviting while also maintaining privacy, and provide flow between areas. Sustainable partitions make for private work areas in the open space, and much like their innovative work, technology was key here to ensure everyone in the space had a seamless experience; two large digital touch whiteboards are inbuilt and the open, light and airy boardroom has all telecommunication equipment installed.

Where traditional meets modern style – experience worlds colliding in the seamless, spacious  industrial workspace of Noma Consulting. 

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