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  1. Controlling costs during an office design and fit out project

    Posted: May 2 2019

    While exciting, workspace transformations can also be a nervous time for businesses. If your business is growing and it’s beyond time to consider new lodgings, here are some tips for controlling costs during this time. Tip for saving #1: Use a single supplier Packaging your new office design and fit out together and having the […]

  2. Creating a space fit for office pets

    Posted: April 22 2019

    With more and more employers allowing staff to bring their dogs to work, here’s how you can help make your workspace cater to canine friends while maintaining your office feel. Check for support among colleagues Some people are allergic to pet fur or don’t feel comfortable around animals for cultural or other reasons. Even if […]

  3. Looking for boardroom inspiration? Here it is

    Posted: April 11 2019

    Boardrooms play a vital role in many offices. They are places to impress potential clients on one day, spaces to close important deals on another and spaces for teams to meet. An impressive boardroom is one that is flexible, motivating and practical. If you’re thinking about transforming your boardroom to better support your business goals […]

  4. How to incorporate your brand into your office

    Posted: February 11 2019

    By now, we all know that brands are so much more than words and fonts and colour palettes. An organisation’s brand is the reason they exist. It’s how customers and clients talk about the business when they’re not in the room. Brands are people, culture, innovation and often joy. Putting your brand on show throughout […]

  5. Does your office kitchen need an overhaul?

    Posted: January 29 2019

    A good office kitchen does much more than simply providing access to a microwave and fridge. It creates an inviting space where colleagues can build friendships, where creative ideas can flow and where employees can enjoy some peaceful break (and meal) time. Take a look at these recent workspace kitchens created by A1 Office – […]

  6. Can office security and safety be design-friendly? Of course it can!

    Posted: December 6 2018

    From turnstiles, to wall-mounted cameras and employee access pass readers at lifts – security and safety is a highly noticeable and key feature of many an office. Until recently, security was too-often considered an add-on to many an office. Who hasn’t been in an amazing office where a fantastic painting, mural or otherwise perfect space […]

  7. Looking for new lights? Take a look at these recent A1 Office deliveries

    Posted: September 11 2018

    Light is key to any office. And while we know that lights form a truly functional purpose for any workspace, light fittings throughout Australia have recently given more than just a small nod to art. Here are 3 recent A1 Office deliveries with on-trend and custom-made lighting, set to inspire anyone thinking of a new […]

  8. How to incorporate timber into workspace design

    Posted: August 23 2018

    Timber is an incredibly powerful, flexible and calming material when it comes to office fit-outs. Timber paneling features bring us closer to nature, and in doing so, helps to keep us calm, motivated and connected to greater purpose. If you’re considering a workspace transformation, here are some inspirational A1 Office deliveries where timber steps out […]

  9. Top tips for maximising a small office space

    Posted: July 30 2018

    Small business is the lifeblood of the Australian economy – making up most of the jobs in the country. So it’s no surprise that a workplace with only a few employees may only need a little space. But small doesn’t need to be cramped. Here are our top tips for making the most out of […]

  10. Healthcare design trends 2018

    Posted: July 23 2018

    Beautiful wayfinding, designing for safety and also sustainability – here are some of the top trends in healthcare design, from reimagining hospitals to smaller clinics and private consulting suites. The rise of practical wayfinding art Hospitals can be huge and clear signage is key – especially for patients and visiting (sometimes distressed) families. Wayfinding along […]

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